Access to Functional Curriculum
Community Based Instruction (CBI)                                                                                                                                                
                                                            Darya Schmidt     
                                                          Mary Roden        Rachel McDaniel
                                                            Pickens County High School
                                                                Room 204
                                                                    706-253-1800 (ext 204)


Daily Schedule

First Period
WorkPlace Readiness 1A
 Planning 1A 1B 

Second Period
ELA 2A/ 2B

Third Period
Lunch 3A
Math/Science/Social Studies 3B 3C 3D

Fourth Period
 CTAE - Basic Ag. 4A
Daily Living Skills 4B
Lesson Plans

CTI - every Monday Wednesday and Friday
Chick fil A

CTI - every Wednesday and Thursday 
Dragon Snacks

CTI- every Thursday -
 help students deliver Dragon snacks

Upcoming Events

Chick fil A sweet tea and biscuits prepped 
and sold every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

Dragon Snacks prepped every Wednesday 
and delivered every Thursday morning

Special Olympics Dance
May 4, 2017 

Special Olympics
May 5, 2017
Opening Ceremony 845/9am