Internet safety

The internet can be a great resource when used safely. To help with this we offer the following guidance:
  • The internet is not like books, with qualified researchers and proof-readers. Anyone can post to websites, especially those like Youtube"Information" on the internet should be treated with caution!
  • Sites are not genuine because they look good! Read carefully and check trusted sources e.g. BBC, Britannica.
  • If you share personal information you will lose control of it. Do not share: personal details, photographs, financial information. If you are in doubt about requests for information refuse and discuss with family or a teacher.
  • Internet "discussions" can be "slagging" matches of no value. Avoid responding to posts, especially in haste.
  • The internet is great for wasting precious time! Whether browsing or doing research, set a time-limit and stick to it.
  • S1 - S6, teacher or parent? You are not too old for this guidance.
  • Remember, the following links are to live, third-party sites. We have no control over their content.