We have developed this site to give Physics students access to all course resources all of the time. Resources include summary notes, tutorial questions, video clips, check-tests and more.
Even if you can't attend lessons you can still keep up (which is a course requirement!).

Q. What do I do first?
A. Start by finding out where things are.   You have about ten minutes to find:
  • Your teacher's page                                 (what picture is on it?)
  • your class/course page                             (what information does it contain?)
  • the resources page for your class/course     (what Google app does it feature?)
  • the timeline for your course                       (what page is this on?)
  • the calendar for your class                        (why should you check this regularly?)

Regular site use (from now on):

1.  Check the homework page for homework and lesson notices via Calendar/Facebook

2.  Visit the course page to see a timeline and/or structure of the course.  
        i.e. The S3/S4 CfE Physics page

3.  Now that you have found out what work you need to catch up on use the RESOURCES             page or if you have downloaded Google Drive, navigate to the correct file

4. Make use of the Flash Learning material for N4, N5 and Higher Physics (requires Flash)

4. To ask a teacher a question out of class email us (khsphysicspupils@gmail.com)     

Remember, your teacher will provide support and resources that you can view/download.

It's your responsibility to make good and full use of the site!!!