5.7 Comparing records

Different members of the team might have notes or memories that emphasise different aspects of the individual’s account. This is particularly true when the team comprises members with different professional backgrounds. Interviews should be reviewed and notes compared before one member is delegated to write up the relevant interview. All notes should be retained. It is important to note that a team approach may be more appropriate for documentation in a therapeutic context than a medico-legal context. In the case of medico-legal documentation, it is advisable to discuss with the client’s attorney potential benefits and liabilities before proceding with a team approach.

As the team comes together, it may be able to identify patterns of a general nature, especially if several teams are working together, and not every team member is aware of the information gathered by the others. Evidence that appeared incomprehensible or implausible might be clarified by the understanding of evidence gathered by other team members or teams. They can then discuss how to take the work forward, for example by de-identifying data and analysing them in groups.