Greasemonkey Scripts

Greasemonkey is an excellent extension for Firefox that allows simple javascripts to be used on pages to alter the content. To use the Phweet Linkify script you find here, install the Greasemonkey extension first.

Our first Greasemonkey script for Phweet is Phweet Linkify, a script that adds a Phweet link icon to Twitter usernames when viewing the website, as shown below:

Clicking the Phweet icon creates a Phweet URL to that user (you must be logged into Phweet).  Fill in the context (what you want to talk to the person about) and click "Send".

While the script does work in its current form, we're sure it could be greatly improved by more proficient javascript experts and we look forward to suggestions for this script or better scripts from the Phweet community.

Download Script: phweet.user.js