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How do I report my game score?
Click HERE

My team needs to reschedule a game-- what do I do?
Please refer to the Rules and Regulations page--- toward the bottom.

Does my team have to pay the One-Time Event Sanctioning Registration Fee (the $10 Adult One-Time Event fee)?
The one-time event fees are covered in your Team Registration Fee (the $450, $500, or $600). You do not have to pay anything additional to the USAU. If some of your players are already USAU members (have an up-to-date yearly membership) or want to do that instead, you don't need to fill out a one-time-event waiver for them-- instead just include a print screen of their membership page. 

On the roster form, you can leave the column about payment empty.

Can I get one of those calendars to write our schedule on?
Yes. Please see the attachments below.

What all do coaches need to do?
Please click on the 'Coaches' link under Resources on the left-side panel to find the Coaches Registration information. Other than that, check the list of required paperwork under Team Registration for the other requirements.

As a coach, do I need the NCSI background check?
Not necessarily. PHUL requires coaches to have a background check-- either NCSI or a regular PA state clearance. USAU requires each team to have one chaperone with the NCSI check. That chaperone can be the coach if the coach is willing to get the NCSI check and have it count for both.
Keep in mind that the chaperone for PHUL must be 21 or older.

Wait, so what do I do if I already have a USAU membership?
Then you do not have to fill out the one-time-event waiver. Instead, just print a copy of the webpage showing your membership. That will verify that you have paid and that your online waiver is up to date. This copy can be turned in to PHUL in place of the waiver.

How do I pay for my team?
We will be accepting ONE CHECK PER TEAM for the total amount that is due ($450 for GIrls and Div II, $500 for Div I, and $600 for Div I teams with additional JV teams). Please make that check out to PHUL with your team name in the memo line.

What if I haven't been able to schedule all of our games by this weekend?
You can turn in an incomplete schedule but you'll have to go through the process for 'rescheduling games' in order to add them to your schedules when you get the dates/times/locations finalized.

That info can be found in the Rules and Regs section on the website.

Christie Lawry,
Mar 8, 2011, 6:55 AM
Christie Lawry,
Mar 8, 2011, 6:55 AM
Christie Lawry,
Mar 8, 2011, 6:55 AM