Frequently Asked Questions - General

You have now arrived at the frequently asked questions page for the g-mail which went live for ADLC and PHPS on March 4th. The purpose of this page is to share information and provide staff with some answers to common concerns.

Where can I fine the Documentation sent out via e-mail

The documentation is available in a shared folder that can be reached by clicking here.

Is there any online training material?

Usually a quick Google search of the feature you are looking for will bring up a number of suggestions or video tutorials. 

Will my old e-mail address still work?

Yes. The old e-mail address will still work for both ADLC ( and the Community Schools ( You will get a new "alias" though which will be firstname.lastname. So any mail set to the following addresses will show up in my e-mail in box.


Is this the same area that the students have e-mail accounts?

All community student accounts (except Vista Virtual) will have g-mail accounts which will exist in one of our Google Education environments. They will have access to e-mail addresses for their teachers. 

Will I still have access to my old e-mail?

Yes. We have had a rule in place to have Outlook e-mail cached on everyone's local machine. You can still open although we recommend click the Work Offline button which can be found under the Send/Receive tab in the top toolbar.

How will I know where to go to get my e-mail?

The g-mail client is also loaded from a web browser: Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome (recommended)

Once the browser is open you can type in or use one of the links from a Pembina Hills school or division website. 

Will I still have e-mail groups and contact lists?

We have been working to reorganize the different groups. We do still have the ability to create and share custom contact lists. You also have the ability to build your own personal mail lists. To find those lists type on the word "to" when composing an e-mail. That will bring up a search option.

To create your own contact list click on the contacts option available in the top right corner of your e-mail (see below). On of the buttons on the top toolbar allow you to create a new personal group. 

Will I be able to share my calendar and see other calendars?

Yes there are extensive calendaring options. In fact, you can import calendars from outside sources like the PHRD division calendar which is also hosted in g-mail. 

Will this work with my mobile device (cell phone)?

There is excellent support for all mobile devices - Apple and Android based. You will be able to manage e-mail and calendaring.

Please use the Google Mail and Calendar Apps for this purpose. The are free and can be setup by simply entering your Pembina Hills or ADLC e-mail address and password.

Can I still access e-mail and calendars from home?

Yes. One of the benefits is that the g-mail environment including Google drive (file storage) can be accessed from anywhere you have an Internet connection.

Will I be still be able to unsend mail?

To a limited degree yes. You can add a delivery delay of up to 30 seconds in which you can click "Undo" at the top of the e-mail to stop delivery.

To activate this feature click on the Gear in the top right corner of your e-mail and select settings. About halfway down the the page is the "Undo send" option. Click on the check box to select the delay period to activate.

Will there still be a Buy and Sell?

Yes. This does require you to create a Google+ account (part of the g-mail environment). To check if you have an account click on the icon that looks like nine boxes in a square in the top right corner of your mail screen. The click on the Google+ option. It will prompt you to create an account if you do not have on.

Otherwise click on the link to the Buy and Sell here.