Frequently Asking Questions - General


You have now arrived at the frequently asked questions page for the e-mail cut-over scheduled for December 2012. The purpose of this page is to share information and provide staff with some answers to common concerns.

Where can I fine the Power point from the recent PD session 

Is there any online training material that I can look at to get a head start?

Outlook is the most popular organizational e-mail system on the planet as such there is a wealth of material online.

A set of good presentations can be found on the page below under the the Outlook 2010 heading:

There is also a video tour at:

Will my old e-mail address still work?

Yes. The old e-mail address will still work for both ADLC ( and the Community Schools ( You will get a new "alias" though which will be firstname.lastname. So any mail set to the following addresses will show up in my e-mail in box.


Will students have e-mail accounts?

All student accounts will have g-mail accounts which will exist in one of our Google Education environments. They will have access to e-mail addresses for their teachers. We will be setting up links off of the schools websites to allow for easy access.

I have heard about Outlook, Exchange, g-mail. What are they and how do they fit?

Quick terminology clarification:

Exchange and Outlook both refer to the Microsoft e-mail system. Exchange is the server portion and Outlook is the client you have your desktop. - This is the replacement for First Class

When we talk about g-mail we are referring to our education Google environment which we are providing for all students. Staff will also have an Optional account. All communication can be handled from Outlook but if you are using Google Documents or other tools you may wish to take advantage of the PHRD or ADLC g-mail environments. Each side has their own.

When will we be moving?

The planned schedule is make the migration over Christmas. Dec 27th is the switch over date. 

There will be a temporary outage of 4 hours. No mail will be lost as that will continue to queue until the new system comes online. 

Will I still have access to my old e-mail?

Yes. We will still have the old First Class server in a "frozen" state. That means you can view old e-mail but will not be able to send or receive. You will still be able to save messages to your local machine or print if necessary.

We will be leaving the old address in place so you will be able to connect from your desktop icon like before - but after the 27th you will NOT be able to send and receive e-mail from First Class

The old server will be kept for at least a year. After that we will reevaluate to see if it is still needed.

How will I know where to go to get my e-mail?

A new Outlook shortcut will be added to your desktop. We will also be publishing the web address on our websites. There will be advanced e-mail communication as well.

If you need to setup the short cut do so by: 

Clicking on the start / windows button --> Click on All programs --> Scroll down to the Microsoft Office Folder and click on it --> Right click on the Outlook option --> Select the "Send to" option --> Select Desktop

Will I still have e-mail groups and contact lists?

We have been working to reorganize the different groups. We do still have the ability to create and share custom contact lists. You also have the ability to build your own personal mail lists. 

What happens to my personal contacts and calendar items?

We will NOT be moving any personal contact lists. 

Also we will not be transferring any calendar entries. 

There are simply too many. We have also found that a number of those are out of date and will need to be rebuilt anyway.

If you wish to move them yourself there is a document describing how to do that: 

Will I be able to share my calendar and see other calendars?

Yes there are extensive calendaring options. In fact, you can import calendars from outside sources like the PHRD division calendar which is actually hosted in g-mail. 

Another added feature is to be able to set up Video Conferencing meetings (including auto dialing) from Outlook.

Will there be formal training?

Yes we will be doing PD sessions. PHRD will be offering sessions on the Dec 7th PD day. ADLC will be scheduling those shortly.

We are also looking at Video Conference options. The Help Desk and School techs will also be available to answer questions.

Will this work with my mobile device (cell phone)?

There is excellent support for all mobile devices - Apple and Android based. You will be able to manage e-mail and calendaring.

This can be connected using the address:   ***Note this is only available on the staff wireless network at this point****

Can I still access e-mail and calendars from home?

Absolutely! You can access e-mail via Outlook (if you have it installed) or by the web mail client.

One of the great improvements over First Class is the excellent web based environment that allows users on any platform (Windows, Apple or Linux) to use all of the e-mail and calendar tools.

After December 27th the web link will be available from home

Will I still have the history feature?

No. This feature does not exist in the new system. However, you can request a notification when the recipient of an e-mail has read it.

Will I be still be able to unsend mail?

No that feature no longer exists. It should also be noted that in First Class that only worked for internal messages and only if it was not being forwarded. Even if you click unsend today if someone is forwarding e-mail to an external mail box (and lots of staff do) that copy will still exist.

Will there still be a Buy and Sell?

Yes. We will be adding a shared area for this purpose. You can add this shared resource to outlook: Adding your schools shared calendars to your Outlook work space 

If you are using a personal machine you can also use the web client which be found at:

To log onto this you will need to put the PHRD domain in front of your user name. So in my case:

phrd\Alex Mottus