Bus Information

Students are to ride their assigned buses, getting on and getting off at their regularly assigned stops, unless a note from a parent or guardian authorizes students to depart at other than a regular stop or to ride a bus other than their assigned bus.

Parent/Guardian notes will be approved by the office and then a transportation pass will be given back to the student.  This pass will be given to any student who has a change in his/her normal routine for a transportation mode in going to their after school destination.  This change could affect a walker, a car rider/pick up, or a bus rider.  We feel as though these transportation notes given at the end of each day will help students get to their destination safely.

Should a last minute change in your child's transportation needs occur at the end of the day, and it was not possible to send a note, please call the elementary office by 2:00 PM in order to ensure that the change is communicated prior to buses departing at the end of the day. This will allow for a smooth and safe schedule. 

Any time there's a change in your child's normal routine please send a note. We truly appreciate your cooperation!

*Bus routes and schedules are available in the office, or you may view them HERE.