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It’s hard to believe but we are two weeks away from the end of first quarter. This is an exciting time for us! Parent/Teacher Conference gives us individual time with parents to celebrate successes, discuss strengths, and communicate areas of needed growth. As teachers we look forward to this and continuing to build relationships with families. We are striving for 100% participation at Parent/Teacher Conferences on October 18th.

Each quarter students set individual goals along with our building goals. October 12th marks the end of the first quarter and gives us an opportunity to celebrate reaching these goals. Reading is one of our main focuses and each day students are submerged in literature. We have a building celebration for any student who has earned 25 AR points. These points are earned after a student reads or has been read a book. Another area of focus is math. Rocket Math is a program used to make learning math facts fun. Each Monday we celebrate any student who has passed a Rocket Math level and each quarter we celebrate any student who has passed a complete operation.

October is a busy month. Our Elementary Health Fair is October 1st. Fire Safety and Prevention Day is October 12th. Students get to meet our local fire fighters, learn about fire safety, and how to be prepared at home. Thank you in advance to all our local firefighters who help make this day a success. October 22nd - 26th is Red Ribbon Week, students learn the importance of being drug free. The theme this year for Red Ribbon week is “life is your journey, travel drug free.”

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