The URL can be accessed from the Staff Launch Pad. It works in Chrome, IE and Firefox.

From Home: (the only difference is the s after http.)

Login: Your username and password are the same as the ones you use to log into your computer daily. When you are forced to change that password, this one is changed as well because they are linked. If you can't login, call 10829 (254-2829 from outside the buildings) and ask to have your password reset. Or you can email DO NOT include a requested password in the email; it's not secure. Instead, you will be given a temporary password and then you will reset it the first time you log in.
If you are logging in from home, you may need to put phm\ in front of your username. Example: phm\braker. Notice that it is: \, not /.

If you taught Summer School at the High School, you can still see the grades during the following year.
  • In TAC, click Tools in the upper right and choose Set Environment.
  • Put a check mark in the Summer School box.
  • Be sure View is on All Classes.
  • Afterwards, do the same thing and UN CHECK the Summer School box.
To see Last Year's grades:
  • In TAC, click Tools in the upper right and choose Set Environment.

  • Next to Database, switch to the database listed above. That's what we named the copy of last year's database.
  • Be sure View is on All Classes.
  • Afterwards, do the same thing and switch back to live or you will be very confused!

A  General Information - the links below take you to the instructions written by our very own P-H-M Trainers.
  1. Overview - What do I see on the screen? How do I get to the various locations in TAC?
  2. User Settings - choose the way you want TAC to work for you
  3. *Notifications - set the way you want to receive notifications. You can choose where you see them and how often.
  4. How to log into TAC from Home
  5. How to Set Up Seating Chart 
  6. Emailing Parents (Guardians) from TAC
  7. UserVoice - what is the megaphone for?

B  Student Information

  1. Student Drawer - what is it and what can you see?
  2. Standardized test Scores - Scores can be seen in 2 places in TAC. By student or a list by class. Click the link to see how.
  3. How to make withdrawn students show - in your grade book
  4. Student Search - use the Student Search field in upper right corner of the screen. You can see any student currently enrolled in one of your classes. The Student Drawer will open to show their information.
  5. TAC vs HAC Marking Period and Semester Grades - This page shows what the teacher sees im TAC and what the parents & students see in HAC.
  6. To View Student's Report Card grade on TAC (as seen on HAC)
  7. What does HAC look like for students and their guardians? - This Google Presentation is also available on the PHM Home Page for parents to view.
  8. Eligibility link in TAC for teachers at some schools
C  Attendance
  1. Attendance -  There is also a link on this page to a short video showing the process.
  2. Attendance Audit Report - You can create a report that shows attendance for your class for a period of time which you choose.

D  Gradebook - Assignments and Grades
  1. Course Categories  - Categories must be set up before the Gradebook can be used. You can set it up just once for the entire year but it must be done in each class. See below for how to copy from one class to another.
    High School Only: For help with figuring the Weights, you can use this spreadsheet. Make a copy and use it to figure out how to make the grade appear as you wish when the Semester Grade is calculated. 
  2. Grade book views in Elementary TAC - This link takes you to a page that describes the three new views that are available. The Help in TAC also explains it well.
  3. High School ONLY - How to Set Report Card Averages - this must be repeated in each semester for each class.
  4. Defining Assignments with Competencies - Elementary only. 
  5. Defining Assignments - Middle and High School directions. Assignments can be added and defined from either the Setup screen or the Scores screen now!
  6. Defining Extra Credit Assignments - It is very important to NOT give an assignment a points value of 0. It causes errors in viewing student's grades.
  7. Options for Entering Grades - The button that looks like an A with arrows gives you several choices including one that gives all students the same grade which then can be changed for individuals. This can save time!
  8. When a Student Changes Classes Mid-Grading Period - how to get the assignment grades from the other period of a Course.
  9. Copy Assignments and Categories - from one class to others
  10. This video shows how to copy assignments from one marking period to the others
  11. Add Attachments - to Course and/or to Assignment. You can add attachments so that guardians or students can download the attachments from Home Access Center after the assignment is published.
  12. Troubleshooting - HAC and TAC grades don't match
  13. Grading Scales:
    1. Elementary Grading Scales
    2. High School and Middle School Grading Scales

E  Report Card Grades - Uploading and Settings
Note: The elementary gradebook average for Competencies is automatically rounded when Uploaded to RC. So a students with a 93.75% which is a 3 for a particular competency under assignments, will see 94% and a 4 in Report Card grades. See #13 for a list of the marks. 

  1. Elementary - List of Competencies and Marks - This is a spreadsheet with tabs. The tabs are across the bottom listing the grade levels and more.
  2. Setting to make Gradebook and Report Card screens show the exact same score (No rounding on either one). This also makes grades show correctly on HAC. 
  3. Elementary - Music and PE grades - Entering grades for PE and Music is done in 2nd and 4th marking period
  4. Elementary - Enter Report Card Grades Directly - how to mark the competencies that appear on the report card - for those who DO NOT use gradebook assignments
  5. Elementary - Enter Report Card Grades Using Load from Gradebook - how to mark the competencies that appear on the report card - for those who DO use gradebook assignments
  6. Elementary - How to Mark Responsibility for Learning and Special Services
  7. Entering Free Text Comments - Elementary ONLY. This can't be done in middle or high school TAC.
  8. Video showing how to enter Responsibility and Learning VERY QUICKLY - You can give every student a Y in 5 minutes. And then edit those students who actually deserve an N.
  9. Elementary Comments - This is a list of the "canned comments" that can be chosen and shown on the Report Card.

  11. Middle and High School: Enter Grades - how to Upload both IPR and Report Card grades. The process is essentially the same for both.
  12. High School ONLY - Must set up Categories and Report Card Averages every class for each Semester. It is best to do this early in the semester so that we have time to check for any problems before the rush at the end.
    See this document for GREAT directions for how to do it. 
  13. Prepared Comments - to see the list for your grade level, click on the link below:
    1. Middle School Comments - This is a list of the "canned comments" that can be chosen and shown on the Report Card.
    2. High School Comments - This is a list of the "canned comments" that can be chosen and shown on the Report Card.
  14. Setting to make Gradebook and Report Card screens show the exact same score (No rounding on either one). This also makes grades show correctly on HAC. 
  15. High School - What do students see in HAC vs What I see in TAC? and another way of looking at it here
F  Discipline
  1. *Discipline - how to record Classroom Incidents and how to make Discipline Referrals
  2. Middle School - how to record incidents and make referrals. These are videos created specifically for middle school, but the basic information applies to high school as well.
    1. How to Record a Classroom Issue - Video
    2. More about Recording Issues PLUS How to Refer Student to Office
    3. How to Create a Conduct Referral that needs to be immediately referred to the office
G  Reports and Printing
  1. Print Class Rosters - These can be printed with selected columns appearing and with or without dates.
  2. Class Rosters for Kindergarten - To print classes other than the Reading class. They work a big differently.
  3. Print Scores - Directions for printing the grades in your Grade Book. Directions are also included for saving them and for printing the Semester grades at the High School. TAC does NOT archive your grade book. You should keep a copy either by printing or saving to PDF files. Roll over occurs on July 5th or 6th usually and all grade books are wiped clean on that date. Only Report Card grades are saved in eSchoolPLUS forever.
  4. Missing Assignments report
  5. Gradebook Reports - based on Akron. May need to be rewritten to be more specific to our district
  6. Export to Excel - data from TAC can be exported to Excel or LibreOffice
    Here's a Slideshow showing how to export and then how to sort
    Here are directions with lots of pictures showing how. This still works in the newest version of TAC.
  7. Seating Chart - Print using the Snipping Tool -  First use the CTRL + or CTRL - function to shrink or expand to display the number of rows or columns specified in the browser window. The best way for printing seating charts is to get it looking right on the screen and then use the Snipping Tool to copy and paste the kids' names and pictures into a Google Doc, Word or LibreOffice doc and then print from there. (from Mark Watts)
  8. Elementary - How to Print a Report Card from TAC - This does not work in the Middle or High School because the district wants all report cards to come from the office.
  9. Error when Printing Report - How to Fix

H End of Year
I Course Requests/Recommendations - Middle and High School
  1. Directions - Teachers can enter course recommendations for students through TAC.

TAC 3.0 Videos - These videos were created by people in other districts but are listed here because they are helpful. 
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