Instructor:   Glenn Northern  E-Mail:
 Marching Band Rehersals  June 7th Full Ensemble 6-9 P.M.
   June 8th Full Ensemble 6-9 P.M. (Required meeting for ALL parents, 7:30 P.M.)
   Band Camp  

  July 24th – 28th   Full Ensemble 2-9 P.M. - bring dinner!
    July 31st – August 4th   Full Ensemble 8-5 P.M.
    August 7th11th   Full Ensemble 8-5 P.M.
    August 14th18th   Full Ensemble 8-5 P.M.
    August 18th   Family and Community Preview Show (Penn Cafeteria/Freed Field, 7:00 P.M.)
    August 24th - November 4th   Regular rehearsals are as follows:
       Mondays: Color Guard only, 6:30-9:00 P.M.
       Tuesdays: Full Ensemble, 3:45- 6:00 P.M.
       Wednesdays: Brass/Woodwinds/Percussion, 3:45-6:00 P.M.
       Thursdays: Full Ensemble, 6:30-9:15 P.M
       Fridays (if no game): Full Ensemble, 3:45- 6:00 P.M.
 Additional Rehearsals:   August 26th   9:00 A.M. – 1:00 P.M.
    October 27th   1:00 P.M. - 5:00 P.M. (during Fall Break)
    November 14th   Kaleidoscope Dress Rehearsal 7:00 - 9:00 P.M.
 Competitions:   September 9th   Goshen Invitation
    September 16th   **Rehearsal during the day, time TBD; No Contest
    September 23rd   Kingsmen Carnival of Bands
    September 30th   Homestead Invitational
    October 7th   Music for All Regional in Dayton, OH
    October 14th   ISSMA Regional at Chesterton High School
    October 21st   Music for All Super Regional, Lucas Oil Stadium (Indianapolis)
    October 28th   ISSMA Semi-State at Ben Davis High School (fall break weekend)
    November 4th   ISSMA State Finals at Lucas Oil Stadium (tentative)
 Banquet:   November 9th   Penn Cafeteria (6:30pm) Tentative Date

Home Football games:

The Marching Band will perform at the following Home Football games:

                                                                         Friday, August 25th

                                                                         Friday, September 8th

                                                                         Friday, September 15th

                                                                         Friday, October 6th

Football play-off games:

The Marching Band will perform at Home Football Playoff games. The location of these games is usually determined one week out. These games will begin on Friday, October 27th and could last until the Semi-State Football Game on Friday, November 17th. Students with family plans can be excused with advance notification (no later than Tuesday of game week) to Mr. Northern.

Marching Band Attendance Policy:


Attendance is the key to our success! Absences for all rehearsals should be communicated to Mr. Northern in advance. Attendance during band camp and during the fall season will help determine the roles in which students perform through the season. Therefore, good attendance is VERY IMPORTANT to individual success and the success of the total organization.

Note that our state finals performance will be during the fall break weekend. We will expect every member to be in attendance.


Students who are tardy to rehearsals will be expected to assist in returning equipment to storage areas at the end of that rehearsal. This task usually requires 20-30 minutes after rehearsal.


It is expected that all band members will be at all performances.

Student Leaders for the Marching Band will include: Drum Majors, Section Leaders, section assistants and other positions as needed.

Marching Band Full Positions/Shared Positions:

Everyone who participates in summer band camp will be considered for the field show. There will be some shared spots for the field show. Students sharing spots have the opportunity to gain permanent spots by replacing students who miss rehearsals or performances or who have not demonstrated the ability to play the music and/or execute the drill. 

Everyone who attends rehearsals will go to all competitions.

Everyone will perform for football pre-game shows.

Everyone will perform in the field show at some point in the season!

Marching Kingsmen Guidelines:

All Marching Kingsmen are expected follow the Penn Student Code of Conduct. The Code of Conduct can be found here

Students who fail to follow the code of conduct are subject to dismissal from the Penn Bands, as well as any disciplinary action taken by the Penn High School Administration.

All Marching Kingsmen will represent Penn High School in an exemplary manner at all times. Students must always be aware of this representation while in uniform and while wearing band or guard jackets and insignia! 

All Marching Kingsmen are expected to show respect for their peers, Directors, Staff, Student Leaders, Chaperones, and Parents at all times.

All Marching Kingsmen will uphold their responsibility as a vital member of their section, and of the band. This means preparing your music and drill thoroughly to be a positive contributor to the band's success.


The Marching Band Fee is $450.00. This covers most of the cost of our additional staff, music, drill, transportation, food, equipment and other needs. Families with more than one participant pay a fee of $350.00 for each additional child.

Deposit of $100.00 due on or before March 3rd. Checks payable to Penn Bands

Payment of $100.00 due on May 5th

Payment of $100.00 due on or before July 28th

Payment of $75.00 due on or before August 18th

Payment of $75.00 due on or before September 15th

                      Additional expenses could include:

Band Shoes: First pair is free; each additional pair will cost $35.00

Guard Shoes: estimated $35.00

Guard Gloves: estimated $15.00

Guard Bodysuit/etc: estimated $35.00

Percussion equipment/stick & mallet fee is $30.00 per year.

                      Fund Raisers (Student Accounts) may be used to cover or defray costs.

           Financial Need – Please contact Glenn Northern if you would like to work out a payment option for the marching band fee, or if 

         you think that your child may need some opportunities to raise money for their fees. We never want a family’s financial situation 

to keep someone from participating.

         Financial Need Scholarships – We occasionally have band families who feel fortunate enough to donate a little additional money. 

This money has always been used to help a deserving student who otherwise may not have been able to participate. If you would  

like to sponsor a student, please send these donations to: Penn Bands, in care of Glenn Northern at Penn High School.

*Note that the marching band deposit or any fees paid are non-refundable.

Uniforms will be fit it early August. All uniforms will remain at school. Each student is responsible for handling the uniform properly after each event. Helmets will be wornwith the hair up. Black marching shoes will be worn with the band uniform. New Shoes will be ordered for you on request. Mid-calf length black socks must be worn.

Uniforms will be altered exclusively by the Band Parent Uniform Committee.

Students should wear very form-fitting clothing under their uniforms (under-armour works well)

Jewelry is not permitted while in uniform.

The Marching Band usually makes a major trip every two years. These trips are optional. Students are responsible for paying their own way. Students in need of financial assistance will have opportunities to raise money for the trip. Students will be given detailed information at each step of planning. Confidential medical forms will be required.

The Band travels to several competitions each fall. Details for each competition will be made available no later than one week prior to the trip with a full itinerary.

Students should avoid taking items of great value on trips.

Directions for Registering to be a Marching Kingsmen:

For new members:

Contact Glenn Northern ( with your student’s PHM ID number.

I will then create an account for your child in the band’s CHARMS Network.

Once I have contacted you to confirm that your child’s account has been created in CHARMS, follow the directions below:

For Current Band Members:

Click here to go to the Charms Office Website.

Position your mouse over the “ENTER/LOGIN” pull-down menu at the top right

From the pull-down menu, select “Parents/Students/Members”

For “School Code”, enter pennhsband and click on the “Enter Charms” button

For “Student Area Password”, enter your child’s PHM ID number

This brings you to the CHARMS Main Menu. From here, click on “Update Info”

For the student’s information, please update the following fields:

First Name

Middle Name

Last Name


City, State, Zip

Home Phone

Student’s cell phone

Student’s cell phone carrier

Student’s E-mail address

Student’s Birthdate

At the top Right, click on the Green “Update” button to save all of the information.

At the bottom Left, click on the Blue “Add New Adult” button.

Complete all information requested and click on the Green “Update” button (top Right) to save your information.

Click on the Blue “Add New Adult” button and complete information for each parent. Be sure to click on the Green “Update” button to save your information.

Payment for Marching Band fee or deposit:

The initial marching band deposit of $100 is due by March 3rd. There are two ways to pay:

Send a check payable to the Penn Bands to:

Penn High School Band

c/o Glenn Northern

56100 Bittersweet Road

Mishawaka, IN 46545

Pay using a credit card or debit card in the CHARMS Network

Inside of the CHARMS Main Menu, select “Finances”

Scroll down to the Blue “Make Miscellaneous Payment” Button, click on this button.

For “Amount to Pay”, please select either $100.00 or any amount up to $450.00 (depending on whether you wish to pay the deposit today, or the entire amount, or some amount in between).

For “Description”, please enter Marching Band Payment.

Click on the Green “Start Payment” Button.

***Final Step in Registration:

Please send an E-mail to Glenn Northern ( after you have completed the registration process. I will then add your child to the marching band roster. Only when these steps are completed is your child registered for membership into the Penn Marching Kingsmen.