Scrip Website -

What is Scrip?
Scrip is another word for “gift cards” that can be used at a lot of the stores and restaurants where you would usually shop or dine.

Why Should I Use Scrip?
Every time you purchase Scrip, a percentage of your purchase (the rebate) will be credited to your student’s band account for either regular season fees or for upcoming band trips. is the website from Great Lakes Scrip Center (GLSC) that Penn Bands uses to manage our scrip program. is convenient to use; you can view images of each product and see the current rebate amount. There are several ways to buy Scrip.

• You can order physical/plastic gift cards when the coordinator announces that a Scrip order will be placed. These orders are usually placed every 6 weeks during the school year.

• You can reload to an existing card (not available with all retailers)

• You can order ScripNow and print at or type in card number when online shopping (not available with all retailers)

• You can use MyScripWallet on your phone and buy a gift card and have it available almost immediately on your phone (not available with all retailers) - see below

You can place your Scrip orders any time you want. It is recommended to only order physical gift cards when it has been announced that an order will be placed.

How Do I Get Started?
The first step is to create your free account by visiting and clicking on the Register button. Fill in the form and follow the simple registration instructions. The account must be registered to a parent, but be sure to enter your student’s name where required so that their account can be credited.

The non-profit organization’s enrollment code for Penn Band is:

We require all orders to be paid online with PrestoPay, the convenient payment system available on When you use PrestoPay, your payment is transferred securely via electronic debit.

Log into your ShopWithScrip account. Choose Dashboard on top of the page, then Family Functions in the left column. Then click on PrestoPay. Follow the instructions for entering your checking account information. The video on top of the page is helpful! Complete the steps to verify your information, and you will receive a secure approval code to share with your scrip coordinator. It takes two business days to get the PrestoPay account activated. You must choose the PrestoPay option when you check out on A small $0.15 convenience fee will apply to each order.

This is not an app you can find in the App Store. You will have to type in in your browser. When it opens up you can chose “Add to Home Screen” and it will work like an App. You sign in with the same Scrip username and password. From here you can order ScripNow that will be saved in your “Wallet”. Most gift cards are available within a few minutes and have a bar code and a card number, that can either be scanned or typed in. You do not have to use the full amount that you buy at once, the remainder will be saved in your “Wallet”.

If you have any questions, please contact:
Katrine Eskildsen, Scrip Coordinator or (574) 277-2238


There are currently three fund-raising opportunities available for all marching band members:

1. Program Ad for the Carnival of Bands: Selling program ads to local businesses can earn money for your band account. See the Program Ad below.

2. Individual Sponsorship Letter: This letter (in the CHARMS hand-out section), can be used to invite friends and family to help sponsor your marching band fee.

3. Discount Cards: Are available in the Fine Arts Office. These sell for $10 each. Five dollars from each sale goes directly to the student account. Discounts on the cards are reusable and a great value.