Description: The Pep Band provides an atmosphere of energy and excitement at home boys and girls basketball games. Students enjoy playing popular modern and classic music from many genres. Bring your musical skill and a high level of energy as we support Kingsmen basketball!

Eligibility Requirements: Must be a member of a concert band

Sponsor/Coach Name: DJ Landoll              


Meetings:  2 hours per practice, about 3 hours per game.

                  3 rehearsals and 12 games over 4 months.         

Where: Band Room

Membership Limit:  none

Procedure for Joining:   Information will be passed out in band classes or sign up with sponsor.

DescriptionThe Penn Marching Band performs at home football games and marching band contests. We are highly competitive and have placed in statewide competitions.

Eligibility Requirements: Any student enrolled in a band class at Penn and any color guard member who passes the audition.

Sponsor/Coach Name: Glenn Northern             


Meetings:  18 hours per week / 4 to 5 times per week after school.

                   Marching band also practices during the summer.

Where: Fine Arts area

Membership Limitnone

Procedure for JoiningAudition


DescriptionThis after school Jazz Orchestra is an opportunity for students to learn the great American art form of jazz! Students will study style, history, and improvisation as it relates to jazz performance. Come be a part of a collaborative and creative activity striving for excellence through music!

Eligibility Requirements: Students in a band class may join without audition. Students who play piano, bass, or guitar must complete an audition.

Sponsor/Coach Name: Aaron Griesser             


Meetings: 4 hours per week November - February  

                 Wednesdays 6:30 – 8:30, Thursdays 3:30 – 5:30      

Where: Band Room

Membership Limit:  none

Procedure for Joining:   Sign up during band class or sign up for an audition in the Fine Arts Academy Office in October.


All initial extracurricular activity meetings and sign-up times are announced in the written announcements and on PNN every day. You can see the daily announcements in the upper left corner of the Penn High School website under the tab, "Today's Announcements."

Click here to read the Code of Conduct for Students Representing Penn High School in extracurricular activities.