Phi Sigma Kappa Mission Statement

Phi Sigma Kappa is a lifelong brotherhood dedicated to the betterment of the individual, the university community, and our world, by giving its members opportunities to develop leadership skills, participate in service to others, achieve academic excellence, experience cultural diversity and practice personal integrity.


The sign of a strong organization is the ability to measure itself and look for ways to continuously improve efficiency, effectiveness, productivity and communication. Last year the Fraternity undertook a significant endeavor as we created a committee to work on the infrastructure that makes up Phi Sigma Kappa in order to maximize our performance. We have identified the need to streamline our structure, improve our communication and enhance our transparency to ensure clarity and focus as we work to eliminate boundaries to realize our common goals. The future of our Fraternity is dependent on the organization establishing new and improved practices and implementing these practices in a strategic and timely manner. This change will include defining roles and responsibilities, expanding the Grand Council by adding the Foundation and Properties Presidents as ex-officio non-voting members and creating a hearings board to assist with final decisions if and when needed.

This strategy will help drive organizational goals and objectives by:

  • Streamlining our structure by eliminating boundaries to enable success;
  • Increasing the efficiency and speed of communications;
  • Fostering improved alignment and engagement with members with a more modern approach as we re-evaluate and solidify the image of the fraternity and vision of the future;
  • Strengthening the overall effectiveness of our communications and drive to be an organization that has clear expectations, accountability, and strategy;
  • Creating an environment that fosters personal growth and stimulates innovative ideas;
  • Establishing criteria for all boards and their members to assist with the ongoing effort to engage and support effective leaders in these volunteer positions.

Already we have seen important steps including:

  • Mandatory board training for each existing board member;
  • Over the next 30-60 days we will have also developed and adopted standardized onboarding training for any new director elected at Convention; this will also apply to new board members that may come on to either of three boards throughout the year;
  • Monthly meetings with the Presidents of all three boards to foster transparency;
  • A change in staff structure and roles at HQ to ensure ongoing productivity along with a redesign of each staff member's job description to a competency-based model;
  • Ongoing effort to re-align communications, the website and materials to better reflect who we are;
  • The development of a “Hearing’s Board” to address any issue that reaches a level where it cannot be addressed at the President’s level – please note we expect this process to be used very rarely, if at all;
  • Setting up a feedback email on our website so any brother who has any feedback on our OD effort, or on any of the materials we publish associated with the Organizational Design Effort, has an opportunity to provide us that feedback in a structured, immediate manner;

It is vital to the process that the membership and volunteers provide feedback. Please use the email for this purpose. Thank you.

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