Pearson delivers education services that are supported by the strength of the industry’s top education thought leaders and authors.  Our core mission is to help educators navigate fundamental shifts in leadership and classroom practices, enabling districts, schools, and teachers to support and sustain the transformation and quality of instruction required for students to achieve college and career readiness in a competitive global economy.  Our work is grounded in the concept of student-involved classroom assessment.  We are guided by the belief that helping students see themselves as learners is central to their academic success and that assessment practices are key to developing their competence and confidence. 

We are presenting our English Language Arts programs of ReadyGen and Reading Street for grades K-5 and our myPerspectives program for grades 6-12.  For Mathematics we will be presenting enVisionmath2.0 for grades K-8 and our High School math programs for Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II.

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English Language Arts Videos:

ReadyGEN - A next generation Novel and Guided Reading approach to teaching the PA Core

Putting a Library of Authentic Literature in Every Student's Hands - ReadyGEN is an integrated and well-balanced approach to reading and writing instruction. ReadyGEN was intentionally designed to provide students and teachers with the tools necessary to meet the PA Core Standards, through the use of authentic full length texts.

Reading Street Common Core - Love to Read
This K-5 Language Arts program was built to motivate and engage while providing a necessary foundation that will inspire confidence in each student as a reader and a writer.

myPerspectives - Open Minds
myPerspectives ELA is a Grades 6-12 student-centered curriculum that provides a connected approach to improving student learning and achievement. Students will read a range of texts, from novels to biographies, and engage in activities that inspire thoughtful conversation, discussion, and debate.

Math Videos:

enVisionmath2.0 6-8 -
is a comprehensive, K-8 mathematics program designed to help students achieve mathematical proficiency reflected in the PA Core Standards for Mathematics. The program provides the focus, coherence, and rigor required by the PA Core and supports teachers with a balanced instructional model, next-generation assessments, and progress monitoring tools. It's a BIG hit for PA teachers because it gets the SMALL things right.

HSMath AGA -
Common Core Edition

Pearson High School Mathematics ensures Common Core success through rigorous instruction, flexible tools, and data-driven assessment resources. Using an innovative blend of print and digital curriculum with cutting-edge technology ensures that math concepts are interactive, relevant, and accessible for high school students. Our goal is to enhance learning and maximize instruction to build solid foundations for college and the future.

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