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Update to Google Forms, Explore replacing Research, and the addition of Imagine Learning and Lexia app

posted Jan 10, 2017, 7:18 AM by Mark Willis


Google has replaced the tool Research with Explore.   To research topic, pictures, and etc for a Doc, Sheet,  and or Slide you no longer go to tools>research.  Instead on the bottom of the page in the right-hand corner you will see the explore icon  When you click on the explore icon it will provide you with suggestions related to information inside your document.  It will show you imagines, and related text.  You can always search for a topic you want as well.   If you want to insert the text or imagine, click on the + sign to the right of the item.  If you are inserting text it will automatically cite your work for you.  

Google Forms

Google has added some new features to Forms.   When adding questions to your form, Google will provide you with suggestions on what the answers can be.  Example:  What day of the week are you free? Google will provide you with the days of the week that can be selected.  To select suggestions just click on it and it will be added.  You can always just type in your own answers.  It will also make a suggestion on what type of answer should be given.  Whether it should be a short answer, paragraph, multi-choice, drop down, or checkbox. Respondent  can  upload a file to a question.  

Imagine Learning

Imagine Learning has moved their platform to a Cloud Based app.  All Elementary Schools in the district using Imagine Learning are now using the Cloud Based app.  The Site code is  4218990 for all schools..  We have pushed out an Chrome App for all users in the District, using the above mentioned Site code.  Students can access this app on a Chromebook or a Laptop or Desktop.  To access it on a Chromebook they  log onto the Chromebook, click on the Launcher (gray circle bottom left-hand corner), click on the Imagine Learning icon.   To access from a Laptop or Desktop, open the chrome browser, log on to the Chrome Browser and Google, click on the google apps icon (nine boxes in a square top left-hand corner), click on the Imagine Learning icon.   Both will load the app with the Site code already loaded, providing the students with just the logon screen.

Lexia Reading Core 5

We have created an app for Lexia Reading Core 5 with the district code already built in.   There a couple of ways to access this app:

1.) You can access from the APPs tab before you log onto to the Chromebook.   This is known as the kiosk app and the only thing you can do is work in that app; browsing the internet and opening other apps is blocked.

2.) The other way would be for your students to log onto the Chromebook and click on the gray circle on that bottom left-hand corner.  This is known as the App Launcher. This will display all the apps available to this user.  You would click on the Lexia Reading Core 5 icon.  Accessing this way will allow the students to open other apps and also browse the internet.