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Transferring Gmail & Drive to Another Google Account upon Graduating/Withdrawing/Retiring/Resigning

posted Jun 16, 2017, 8:59 AM by Mark Willis

Transferring Gmail and Drive to Another Google Account


Google provides an easy way to transfer your Gmail and Drive contents to another Google Account.   It could take up to one WEEK for the transfer to finish.  RESTRICTED content will not be transferred. Remember that your District Google Account has unlimited storage where as your personal Google account does not, you might need to purchase additional storage or delete some of your documents before transferring your files.  


To Transfer your district Gmail and Drive to another Google account follow the following steps:


  1. Log into your District Google Account

  2. Click on the circle with your initial or pic in it - located on the far right side of the screen


3. Click on MY ACCOUNT. It is in the blue box




4. Click on Control Your Content - located in the middle of the screen under the heading Personal Information & Privacy


5. Scroll down to the box labeled Transfer Your Content and click Start Transfer









6. Enter the Google account you want to transfer the files too or create a new account

7. Click on Send Code


8. Open the inbox for the account you are transferring the files too. You will have an email about verifying your account.  Open the email.


9. Click on “Get Confirmation Code.”







10. Copy and Paste the Code into the line for ENTER CODE



11. Click on VERIFY


12. Select which product you want to transfer by sliding the button to the left to select the product.










13. Click Start Transfer



You will receive an email in both accounts letting you know the transfer has started and another one once it has been completed.   It could take up to a WEEK for the transfer to finish.  RESTRICTED content will not be transferred.
Mark Willis,
Jun 16, 2017, 8:59 AM