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New Google Sites Update & Viewing Videos in Google Drive and Classroom

posted Nov 7, 2016, 4:34 AM by Mark Willis

New Google Sites

Google will be releasing the New Sites app on November 9th.  Classic Google Sites will remain up and running until further notice.  In the future, Google will notify users and provide a timetable for the shutdown of Classic Sites, which is expected to be 1 year.  In 2017, Google is expected to provide users with an option  to automatically migrate  Classic Google Sites to the New Sites.

Once the new Google Sites is available, we encourage users to begin all new website projects using the new Google Sites, and consider migrating your existing Google Sites your own pace.  There is no guarantee that Google’s migration tool will work for all Sites, nor is it guaranteed that the new Sites will have all of the same features as Classic Google Sites.  Google Site publishers are responsible for evaluating their own project sites and working to maintain project after this change.

The New Google Sites feature is closely linked to Google Drive, and the site’s files are treated more like Google Docs.  So, in order to publish new Google Sites to the Internet, all users with current access to Sites can now publish any Google Drive document (Sheets, Docs, Slides, and Sites) with everyone on the web.  

With this comes great responsibility - as professionals, we need to carefully consider before sharing information with Google Apps.   We must not share private information as it relates to students or staff members with anyone not authorized to see that information.  This includes social security numbers,  grades, health related information, email addresses and other personally identifiable information.  Always be very mindful of this when publishing documents and or websites.    

Videos - Google Drive & Google Classroom

The issue with playing videos through Google Drive and Google Classroom has been resolved.  Students can now create videos and attach them to their assignments in Google Classroom, and Classroom teachers will be able to play the video without receiving an error message.