Welcome to the competency education toolkit! This site currently hosts the latest versions of open source tools and resources under development to support competency-based education at the School District of Philadelphia - brought to you by the Office of New School Models in collaboration with nonprofit partner, Building 21.  This work has been made possible in part by the Opportunity By Design Challenge grant of the Carnegie Corporation of New York.

What is competency-based education (CBE)?
Competency-based education is an outcomes-based approach to learning that requires students to show mastery of skills and knowledge at one level before they can advance to the next level.  All students are held to the same high standard, and all students receive individualized supports and continuous feedback to help them progress in their learning. This approach ensures that students have a strong foundation to build on as they continue through school. The goal of competency-based education is that every student graduates from high school prepared for college, career, and civic life.