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Google Dashboard

The Google Competency Dashboard is a Google version of the competency dashboard -- free, open source, and built in a simple Google Spreadsheet with some scripting (coding) using Google's Script Editor function.  Be sure to check out the "Mastery" page to understand the grading and assessment policy. See below for the Google solution we've developed for scoring work, inputing grades, and displaying student progress and performance in a student-facing competency dashboard.

How does it work?
  • Every student has a Google Sheet that displays their progress in all subject areas for all competencies (Each tab is a different subject).
  • Every student has a set of Google Drive folders where their files are stored (e.g. performance tasks).
  • Each school has an "Admin" set of folders for managing the system. We've built the code to make it simple to manage the Google solution, so you don't need a techy Google person to implement. These folder sets can easily and quickly be copied to any school interested in adopting the system.  Here's an example of the coding we've set up.  There's a tab in one of the Admin sheets where you can simply add a student's name and e-mail and within a few minutes, an entire new Google Sheet template and Folder set will automatically be created for that student and shared with her/him by e-mail. Voila - your new student(s) now has a competency dashboard!  
  • Google Forms (an editable electronic survey template) are used to log students' scores for performance tasks (organized not by assignments, but by competencies) and in our system, will automatically populate the dashboard.
Try it yourself!  See the "Add new" button in the top left corner?  That's the teacher link to the form where you can submit competency ratings for Sam and it will automatically populate the student dashboard.  Nifty, eh?

If you're interested learning more, or putting this Google solution to use at your school, send a quick note to: newschoolmodels@philasd.org