The Role of PHSC:

1. PHSC forwards as much information as possible to the Home and

       School Associations (HSA’S) and records their reactions.

2.     PHSC is available to assist local HSA’S when they request help.

3.     PHSC presents statements on major issues after polling the

       individual HSA’S.

4.     PHSC advises appropriate school officials and The School

Reform Commission of views, concerns and suggestions of the HSA’S.

5.     PHSC serves on School District, Region, City, State and Federal

       Boards and/or Committees as the parents/caregivers


6.    PHSC arranges monthly General Membership Meetings offering

       programs of interest to HSA’S and individuals.

7.     PHSC advises HSA’S of procedures, policies and issues that may

       be useful.

8.     PHSC mentors parents/caregivers on effective ways to advocate

       for their children’s education.

9. PHSC offers a variety of training and information sessions to keep all parents/caregivers informed and up-to-date.