Idaho State has many organizations you can get involved in.  Here is a brief summary of many ofthem, for more information check out the student resources page.  

Student Outreach
The operations at Idaho State provide public health services for the community, and IPPE hours for students.  Many of the operations are associated with APhA-ASP and compete for national awards.

Operation Self Care
Operation Self-Care works to educate the public about over the counter drugs and life style modifications to promote community health. 

Operation Heart works to promote cardiovascular health. At events students will take blood pressure and blood samples to test for cholesterol.  

Operation Immunization
Operation Immunization vaccinates the public.  Last year alone they vaccinated 5300 patients against the flu, meningitis, pnuemococcal disease, and hepatitis.

Generation Rx
Generation Rx increases community awareness about drug abuse.  They speak to elementary through high school students about the dangers of drug abuse, and provide assistance at drug take back events.

Operation Diabetes
Operation Diabetes seeks to increase public awareness of diabetes and a pharmacist's role in prevention and management.  Students conduct blood glucose screenings and educate the public about risk factors.

Poison Prevention
Poison Prevention teaches elementary students about pharmacists, what poisons are, and what to do if someone gets poisoned.  P2 students are required to participate in this operation during spring semester.

Meth Awareness
Meth Awareness educates students about the dangers of using meth.  Students will give presentations to middle and high school students about the various ramifications of using.
Student Organizations

Student senate consists of class presidents, vice presidents and secretaries, as well as the senate president.  The senate meets once a month, all students are welcome.

The Professional Pharmacy Student Alliance is unique to Idaho State. The PPSA meets once a month, all students are welcome.

The Student Society of Health System Pharmacists (SSHP) leadership will be elected each spring. Interested students must be ASHP members. Dues are not covered by the college (click here to become a member). SSHP will focus on pharmacist involvement in health systems and advanced clinical practice. As such, SSHP membership can provide you with networking, leadership and career development opportunities as well as student discounts on publications and national meetings.

Idaho State has four professional pharmacy fraternities.  They are open to all students interested.

Kappa Psi is a service driven fraternity on the Meridian campus.  Rushing starts at the beginning of the school year.

Phi Delta Chi is active in fundraising, supporting the College of Pharmacy, and homecoming weekend.  This fraternity is on the Pocatello campus.

Rho Chi invitations are sent out during second semester of P2 year.  Invitations are based on academic excellence.  Members offer free tutoring and participate in many other activities.