General Scholarships

                     2016-2017 Scholarships
For many high school students who plan on attending a two or four-year college or 

university, finances may be an issue. However, there are many ways to reduce the 

cost of tuition, fees, books, and housing at those prospective institutions. 

The Prairie Heights School Counselors receive many scholarships throughout the 

year- please stop by the office to take a look at available scholarships! 

This section of the Guidance Department website is a useful tool for both 

parents, guardians, and students to access scholarship information. 

We would like to provide the following websites which are great resources for 

families of students who are college-bound to research different scholarship 


Jane George Scholarship Program

Must be a college-bound senior planning a future career in mental health. This could include a career in counseling, social work, or medicine.  Applications are available in guidance.

Deadline is May 22, 2017


Delta Theta Tau Sorority Scholarship

Must be a graduating senior, Although academic excellence is important, our sorority places great emphasis on volunteer/community involvement, extra-curricular activates and work experiences.  Applications are available in guidance.

Deadline is May 16, 2017


Univertical LLC., Scholarship

Must be a graduating senior from Prairie Heights, must be accepted and show proof of acceptance to college or university. Plan on majoring in a science field, Maintain 3.0 GPA or higher.  Applications are available in guidance.

Deadline is May 19, 2017