Join us for the Social Media for Social Change Conference, hosted by PH International,
in partnership with organizations and individuals committed to advancing civic engagement through social media technologies. 


 Cultural Center Muza
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Leaders from the world of technology, politics, government, journalism, blogging, and social activism will share how they’re using social media to enhance civic engagement, improve transparency in the media, and foster open governance. The two-day conference will offer morning keynotes, afternoon breakout sessions and a panel discussion at the end of each day. The topics we'll be focusing on include:


• Youth and Social Media as Agents of Change

• Citizen Journalism and Conflict: Tweeting for Peace

• The Power of Mobile Journalism

• Redesigning Government for Transparency and Participation

• Traditional Media vs. New Media in Nondemocratic Societies
• The State of the Blogosphere

• Social Media's Role in Global Diplomacy
• Addressing the Social Media Literacy Gap
• Social Networks and Social Revolutions