Hours of Operation:

Monday thru Friday

7:45 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Including both A & B lunches

Requesting a book from home

- Prairie Grove High School students requesting a book ,after having found the book in Destiny Discover, send an email to Mrs. Woods to request the book(s)

Place in the email the book title and author .... the book will be wrapped and waiting for you on the table in the foyer on the responded given day.

Download an eBook to Read Offline

You can download an eBook while you are online that you can access later offline. Read your eBook anytime, anywhere – on the bus or at home.

There are two ways to download for offline use:

  • Destiny Read app (for iOS and Android™ devices): Use the app to download and read Follett eBooks and play Follett Audiobooks.

  • Browser (for any device): Use a browser to download and read Follett eBooks.

Prairie Grove High School Library / 500 Cole Drive / Prairie Grove, AR 72753 / Ph: 479-846-4243

The mission of the Prairie Grove High School Library Media-Center is to help ensure that students and staff members read for pleasure, develop the necessary skills to use information, ideas and technology ethically, creatively, and critically in order to become self-sufficient, responsible, and productive citizens.


May 2021

The Shadow War

by Lindsay Smith

World War II is raging, and five teens are looking to make a mark. When the five meet, and begrudgingly team up, in the forests of Germany, none of them knows what their future might hold. As they race against time, war, and enemies from both this world and another, Liam, Daniel, Rebeka, Phillip, and Simone know that all they can count on is their own determination and will to survive. In this dark and thrilling tale of power, shadow, and revenge, some prices must be paid in blood.

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