PGSD eSchool Home

The purpose of this site is to organize information regarding eSchool, our SIS (Student Information System), during our migration from APSCN to eSchoolPlus. This site is managed by the Prairie Grove Technology Department.  

A lot of the information on this site was gathered from questions asked by other districts on our email list serve and from an amazing APSCN Field Analyst, Sherrie Lipe.  Without her, we would have never made it.

What is eSchoolPlus?
eSchoolPlus is a Student Information System.  A Student Information System is an electronic database that holds various types of information concerning our school district.  Types of information stored in the database includes: 
  • Student Names (along with their addresses, guardian information, class schedule)
  • Teacher Information (teacher names, classes they teach)
  • Scheduling Information (times & locations of classes, students enrolled in classes, and who is teaching the classes)