PGL Meetings  
     The next PGL Tri-Annual Communication will take place on 30th October, 2015
in Lodge Union & Crown No.307 at 7.30pm.

 Bro. Douglas Fulton is now the PG Almoner
Contact: 0141 585 3623

Up and Coming Events

PG Committee on Monday 12th October in Lodge St. John Busby No.458 at 7pm

PGL Library
The library faciltiy in Lodge The Royal Stuart No.1414 is currently offline for a makeover:
The updated facility will be back online soon.
Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Message from John our Provincial Grand Master

Since the last update we have made substantial progress with a number of initiatives within the Province:

  1. Intender Training.

    The first Level 2 course is scheduled for June and those successful with the Level 1 course will have         the opportunity to further develop themselves as Senior Intenders again to the benefit of the                     Lodges  and the Province.

2.  Education Manual

     We have at present, a small working party developing an Education Manual which, when complete, will be distributed to each Lodge.          Brethren as they progress through their Degrees will receive a section at a time building up into the full manual for their ongoing                 reference understanding and knowledge.

     The manual will have a section on each of the 3 Degrees plus a section on the Mark. It will contain useful explanatory papers to assist         understanding of the Craft with useful references and a recommended reading list along with links to useful Masonic Websites.

    4.  Minimum 6 weeks between Degrees Trial   

        Since the turn of the year I have had the opportunity to talk to a number of Lodges about the merits of extending the period between             Degrees from the current minimum of two weeks to the suggested 6 weeks.I believe that a move to a minimum of 6 weeks between             degrees will be to the benefit of the candidates and in the whole scheme of things that is the most important consideration. I`d be                 happy to address any Lodge on the benefits of this recommended change.


As you can see there is plenty going on in Renfrewshire East and we are grateful for the continuing support and commitment of the Lodges and Brethren. Please support our various Events in the run up to the recess.

Provincial Grand Master


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