Digital Media Academy Mission Statement

The mission of the Digital Media Academy is to prepare students for success in the world of tomorrow. A world in which the ability to communicate, navigate the vast array of media and understand how to capitalize on the power of technology to persuade, entertain and inform will continue to increase in value and importance. The Academy accomplishes this through rigorous and relevant curriculum that incorporates elements from multiple content areas and explores the multitude of uses technology offers to enhance and enrich a child's education.

                                                       History of DMA
                                                                                                The first year students were enrolled into the the Digital Media Academy was 2012-2013. Prior to that students 

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were a part of the CADD/COMM (COMM stood for Communications). CADD/COMM reformulated as the Innovative Design and Engineering Academy or IDEA. As a result there was an opportunity to form an academy dedicated to Media Production.  DMA was originally formed with Digital Media Production classes paired with English. Over the years, DMA has added Social Science and World Language to its academy. In 2015-16 Animation was added to DMA, giving it two digital media pathways and three academic sequences. The first recruiting class for DMA was 20 students, at the start of the 2016-17 school year DMA will have approximately 170 students enrolled. DMA was an unfunded program for the first two years of its existence. During the 2013-14 school year, DMA was awarded a half year Secondary Specialized (SSP) planning grant by the California Department of Education.  The SSP program seeks to fund new and innovative programs.   DMA has completed projects with on behalf of the Elk Grove Food Bank, the Homeless Assistance Resource Team (HART), Capitol Area Development Agency (CADA), and the Sacramento Kings. Students have won numerous awards and have been recognized across the region for excellence in digital media production. Students from DMA have gone on to the Sac State film program, Cal State Northridge Film Program, Arizona State Cronkite School of Journalism as well as the University of Southern California Film Program. 



Kristina Norsworthy, Geography DMA Teacher / Co-Coordinator
Jorge Moreno, World History DMA Teacher
Monica French, US History DMA Teacher
Jeremiah Taylor, Econ / American Government DMA Teacher
Rejeania Brown, DMA 2 and Advance Media ProductionTeacher / Co-Coordinator
Christy Hoyle, English 9 Honors DMA Teacher
Molly Wanless, English 9 Honors DMA Teacher
Jerry Bandy, English 10 DMA Get Reel &  English12 DMA Teacher
Russ Young, English 11 DMA Designing the American Dream Teacher
Melisa Robison, Spanish DMA Teacher
De Laire Doyle, Animation 1 & 2, Digital Media Arts 1 Teacher
Taigan Keplinger, Vice Principal overseeing DMA
Dawn Grovhoug, Counselor

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Advisory Board

Steven Buss, Chair Film Department, Sacramento State University
"Dutch" Aitken, Professor of Media Studies, Art Institute
Chris Murray, Senior Editor, Trapeze LTD
Laurie Pederson, Executive Director, Capital Film Artists Alliance
Phoung Nguyen, Freelance Media Artist