Pittsburgh CONNECTS to NovaNet

posted Jul 11, 2012, 9:28 AM by Unknown user
“Come on in, take a laptop, and get started” is all it takes for tutor Alvan Mbongo to get his students started on their classes. This summer, Pittsburgh CONNECTS and Neighborhood Learning Alliance (NLA) have partnered to bring Pittsburgh Public School students a credit recovery program free of charge. NovaNet is a licensed and approved online K-12 curriculum published by Pearson Learning in use by the Pittsburgh Public Schools.  

During the summer tutors from NLA work with Pittsburgh CONNECTS staff to help more than 100 students from Perry High School, Career Connections Charter School, University Prep, SciTech, and other schools earn credits in classes they failed during the school year.

According to Stephen MacIsaac, Executive Director of NLA, “credit recovery in the summer is a logical extension of both our school year tutoring programs and our Graduation Champions project that focuses on getting students ready to graduate. It is a really effective way for us to partner with and support Pittsburgh Public Schools”. In addition to using the Bloomfield Garfield Pittsburgh CONNECTS center and NLA offices, students also attend sessions within specific Pittsburgh public schools.    

Alvan Mbongo with Student

Student with Delia Zharo
Tutor Jacob Geyer