7th Grade Social Studies Class Syllabus

World Culture

Ms Woods





Course Description:

This year in Social Studies we will be studying cultures of the eastern hemisphere using a textbook entitled Eastern Hemisphere. During each unit we will be building skills in the following areas: history, geography, citizenship, study and research skills, thinking skills, reading and writing skills.  This program is strongly supplemented by the textbook History of Our World and workbooks.


7th Grade World Cultures will include the following units:

v      Review of Maps and Globes/The Five Themes of Geography

v      Empires and Cultures of Africa: Past and Present

v      Empires and Cultures of Southwest Asia

v      Ancient History of Europe and European Expansion

v      Empires and Cultures of Southeast Asia and Oceana


Grading Policy

In Social Studies there will be three kinds of assessments:

1.  Homework – 25% of grade – consists of independent practice completed outside of class.

2.  Formative Assessments and Projects – 50% of grade – may include major projects, unit tests, chapter tests, quizzes, and final exams. There will be a minimum of 5 assessments per quarter

3.  Classwork – 25% of grade


All grades will be calculated on a percentage basis and grades will be determined as follows:


90-100%               A                                             60-69%            D

80-89%                 B                                             59% and below  E

70-79%                 C


Materials Needed for Class:

ü       A three ring binder (3” to 4”) with loose-leaf paper and at least 6 dividers. World Culture must be labeled.

ü       Pencils for everyday use/Pens (blue or black only – red pen to grade daily set-up)

ü       Highlighter/colored pencils or crayons



Attendance is a daily requirement for success.  When a student is absent, they must have a legal excuse.  Make up work must be turned in at least three days after the absence.   Late work will be accepted, but points will be deducted.

(Effective September 13, 2010)

Homework must be turned in on the day that it is due.  It is my policy to read the names of the students who have turned in assignments aloud in order to verify that I have received them.  Homework assignments are also posted in the classroom on a LARGE calendar.  If you miss a homework assignment with a legal excuse, there will be no deduction; however, homework must be turned in within three days upon return or at a date that I have agreed on.

If you fail to turn in homework on its due date without a legal excuse, the following deductions will be taken:
  • 1 day late: 10 points
  • 2 days late: 20 points
  • 3 days late: 30 points
Homework assignments will not be accepted if more than 3 days late. The days due are calculated by weekdays, not the "A" day/"B" day schedule. For example, if you are an A day student fail to turn in an assignment due in class on an "A" day Monday , your deduction days begin the next day - Tuesday, regardless of its "B" day status. In this scenario, if you choose to turn in your assignment during your following "A" day, that Wednesday, you will be penalized for 2 days late. I am available to collect homework assignments throughout the day.

Review of Geography

Southwest and Central Asia (Middle East)

Children from Emirates International School signing the Peace Scroll


Courtesy Arsemia from Eritrea

East Asia and Oceana


british schoolchildren photo