Mathematics May 27,2011

posted May 27, 2011, 6:23 AM by arlene.timpug@pgcps.org

Today we reinforced the lesson in graphing ordered pairs of number in a coordinate plane.
Homework : Students will complete :Worsheet Coordinate Plane
Health : Today we talked about positive Attitude and how it will help a person to have a good self concept that will make him or her a better person.

Mathematics May 26,2011

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Today the students learned how to graph ordered pairs of numbers on a coordinate grid.
Homework : The students will complete Worksheet 8-6.

Announcement May 19,2011

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May 23,2011 : Continuation of Math FAST Test
May 24,2011 : Formative Assessment System Test For Science
May 25,2011 : Continuation of Science FAST Test

Reminders May 16,2011

posted May 16, 2011, 12:00 PM by arlene.timpug@pgcps.org

Formative Assessment System Test for Reading is on Tuesday and Wednesday May 17-18, 2011
Formative Assessment System Test For Math is on Thursday May 19,2011 And the second day will be on Monday May 23,2011
Please encourage your child to get a good rest,eat a healthy breakfast, and be on time on the day of the test.

May 11,2011

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Today the students worked at the computer lab to make a research paper about inventions that are made by people, how these inventions affects life, and would life will be without these inventions.
On May 12,2011 ( Thursday )
The students will complete Chapter Four Assessment in Math.

May 10,2011

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Today the students participated for the Jump Rope for heart to raise funds to help people.
Mathematics : We reinforced the lesson in dividing decimals by a one- digit number or a two- digit numbers.
Homework : Students will complete  Enrichment worksheet 4-3

Mathematics 05-09-2011

posted May 9, 2011, 6:22 AM by arlene.timpug@pgcps.org

Today the students learned how to divide decimals by a one -digit number and to how divide decimals by a two-digit numbers.
Homework : Students will complete Math Worksheet 4-3
Science :The students will read, discuss , and interacts with group in order to know What is a Star ?

May 05, 2011

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Today Kingsford Elementary celebrate Women Makes a Difference Day to honor Female parent in their continued support to make the school year successful for the students.
DARE program took place to inform the kids about being responsible and to know the effects of cigaretes and  why they should resist cigaretes.
Homework : Math homework / review
Friday May 06,2011  Math Quiz
Science : The students read, discuss, and interacts in order to know What is the History of Astronomy.

Mathematics 05-04-2011

posted May 4, 2011, 11:33 AM by arlene.timpug@pgcps.org

The students worked at the computer lab to do First in Math in order to increase their scores and do Math skills improvement work.
The students completed Problem of the Week BCR related with percents and decimals.
Science Homework : The students are to read an article about Pluto and answer the questions that will assess the understanding of what they have read.

May 02,2011

posted May 2, 2011, 2:53 PM by arlene.timpug@pgcps.org

Students completed an Art project with Ms. Moran from 8:00- 9:15.
We worked together to do more exercises to understand percentage off and finding the discounted sale price.
Students completed a Math Quiz about finding the percentage off in order to get the Discounted Sale Price.
Homework : Students will complete a Math Worksheet on finding the percentage off in order to get the Dicounted Sale Price.

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