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Prices are subject to change.  Teacher reserves the right to veto any purchases, in rare cases.  Group purchases will be divided among the members.
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Item NameItem DescriptionCostCategory
Item NameItem DescriptionCostCategory
Trading Spaces A player can trade him or herself with another player into another squad. 50 XP Individual 
I Need a Pencil, Dawg! A player can "buy" a pencil from the teacher. 10 XP Individual 
Benefactor! A player can use his or her bonus points to buy something for a friend. 10 XP + Price of Item Individual 
Tardy to the Party A player comes to class late without a pass. 5 XP Automatic 
The Late Bird Starves A player turns in a graded assignment late, without making prior arrangements with the teacher. 5 XP Automatic 
Goose Egg A player did not turn in a graded assignment. 10 XP Automatic 
Turn Me Up A player can "buy" earbuds from the teacher. 25 XP Individual 
Mightier Than the Sword A player can "buy" a pen from the teacher. 15 XP Individual 
Videographer Challenge A player can gain access to a special video assignment, outside of class. (Some exclusions apply.) 50 XP Individual 
In the Zone A player can go on an appropriate site of his/her choice for an entire class period. (Some exclusions apply.) 150 XP Individual 
Walk the Class Pet A player can take Sphero on a walk for 10 minutes in the hallway. (Some exclusions apply.) 100 XP Individual 
Through the Looking Glass A player can wear Google Glass for one class period. (Some exclusions apply.) 100 XP Individual 
Look, it's a Chromebook! A player can use the teacher's Chromebook for a class period. (Some exclusions apply.) 50 XP Individual 
Smack Talk A squad can rename another squad to anything it wants. (Some exclusions apply.) 180 XP Group 
Kidnapped! A squad can steal a member from another team, without having to give up one of their own. 180 XP Group 
Mutiny! A squad can change the captain in charge of the team. 60 XP Group 
Chillin' One full period where all squad members are able to go on appropriate sites of their choice. (Some exclusions apply). 300 XP Group 
Dance, Dance! All squad members can come up during lunch time to participate in an Xbox Dance Party. (Some exclusions apply.) 450 XP Group 
Ballin' All members of the squad can come to the gym for the last 15 minutes of lunch to play basketball. (Some exclusions apply.) 450 XP Group 
Franchise Trade A squad decides to trade one of their players for another on a different squad, by majority rule. All parties must accept. 150 XP Group 
Lots of Tabs A player can use the teacher's Nexus 7 Tablet for a class period. (Some exclusions apply.) 50 XP Individual 
Rebranding the Squad A squad can change its name to one of its choosing. (Some exclusions apply.) 90 XP Group 
You're Playing Bas..ket...ball!!! A player can play with the 94 Fifty Smart Basketball for 15 minutes during lunch time. (Some exclusions apply.) 100 XP Individual 
El Papel A player can "buy" a piece of paper from the teacher. 5 XP Individual 
Instant Captain A player gets to take over the captain role for his/her team instantly!!! 150 XP Individual 
Breaking Ankles A squad is allowed to challenge another squad of their choosing to a game of basketball during the last 15 minutes of lunch. (Some exclusions apply.) 600 XP Group 
Time Out! A player is allowed five minutes to go to the restroom or locker during class. (Some exclusions apply.) 5 XP Automatic 
Me, First! A player gets his/her assignment graded before anyone else. 25 XP Individual 
It's a Kahoot! The class can "buy" a game of Kahoot. (Some exclusions apply.) 750 XP Class 
Genius Day The class can "buy" a class period to work on Genius Day. (Some exclusions apply.) 750 XP Class 
We're So Smart The class can "buy" a day with Smartboard games. (Some exclusions apply) 800 XP Class 
iDay A player can "buy" iPad privileges for an entire class period, unlocked with the iTunes account. (Some exclusions apply.) 100 XP Individual 
WeDay A squad can "buy" iPad privileges for the class period, with iTunes Store access. (Some exclusions apply.) 400 XP Group 
Captain Stepdown A player can step down as captain and choose another captain to replace him/her. 50 XP Individual 
Ballin' Out of Control A player can wear Google Glass and play 94 Fifty during the last 15 minutes of lunch. (Some exclusions apply.) 175 XP Individual 
Charge It! A player can "buy" a charging cable from the teacher. 30 XP Individual 
Tweet, Tweet! A student can post from the class Twitter account for the period. (Some exclusions apply.) 30 XP Individual 
Caught red-handed! A player is caught eating in the classroom. 20 XP Automatic 
Caught Texting! A player is caught using his/her device to text, outside of authorized circumstances. 10 XP Automatic 
Class Work, or Nah? A player gets an automatic 100 on a classwork assignment of his/her choice. (Some exclusions apply.) 120 XP Individual 
Homework, or Nah? A player can cash in this prize to receive an automatic 100 for the homework of the day. 50 XP Individual 
Project, Or Nah? A player gets an automatic 100 on a project of his/her choice. (Some exclusions apply.) 500 XP Individual 
Lend Me an Ear A player can listen to music through headphones for one class period. (Some exclusions apply.) 50 XP Individual 
Don't Copy and Paste A player plagiarizes his/her work. 300 XP Automatic 
Secede! A player can choose to secede from his or her team, and become a team of one. 150 XP Individual 
Like a Ninja Turtle The teacher pays for pizza for all members of the squad during lunch time. (Some exclusions apply.) 500 XP Group 
Purge A player can take away 10 spendable points from a player of their choice. 20 XP Individual 
VIP Seating A player can sit in the VIP section for one class period. 50 XP Individual 
Class Advisory Council A player can have major influence on shaping the week's instructional activities. 50 XP Individual 
Taking Notes A player can "buy" a composition book from the teacher. 30 XP Individual 
Co-Teacher for a Day A player gets to be co-teacher for a day, planning and delivering lessons. 75 XP Individual 
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