Using my iPad in the classroom

I recently purchased the new iPad Pro and my enthusiasm has been rekindled. I see the potential of it. Read my critique of it here.

CHECK BACK OFTEN - last update - 3/1/2014
---last edit - 4/5/2014 - I will no longer be adding content to this site. Between new apps coming out every day and upgrades to the apps that I have already evaluated here, it has become too time consuming and largely unnecessary. There are already many other people who do this full time. Of them, I would recommend Tony Vincent, whom I follow on Twitter. Thank you for visiting this site. I hope that you have gotten some useful information from it to help in your teaching. I will leave it on-line because much of the information is still valid.

On the first day that the iPad came out (April 3, 2010), I went in the Apple store to see what it was all about. As soon as I picked it up, I realized the potential of it both personally and professionally. I bought it and started using it in the classroom. I have been using it since then and have graduated to the iPad 2 because it had a built-in camera. I want to share my experiences and what I have learned.

I have gone through many apps and many of the ones here I have used in the classroom. You can spend a fortune trying all of the apps in the store, so I always start with the free ones and gradually work up the cost ladder until I find one that works best for me. The ones that are mentioned in this site may not be the best but they work and work well for my purposes. You might have different needs based on your class, subject, grade, etc. This is just a good starting point and guide for you

How do I find these apps? I constantly check other sites, blogs and educational resources (magazines, etc). I also rely upon the ratings in the App Store. When I find a good app, I go back to it's page in the App Store and scroll down to the bottom and look at what other buyers of this app have bought. This gives me more leads to much used apps. Lately, I have found the best sources have been Twitter where you can follow people who evaluate Apps (@tonyvincent) and work with the iPad full time and professionally.

This is an ongoing website that is continually changing as I find new or better ways to use my personal iPad in the classroom. Please check back for more news.

I will be adding the contents to this site and updating the apps and adding more

   Apps-Topics - lists the apps that I currently use in the classroom and why. 
   iPad Apps - lists some of the other apps that may be better suited to your classroom, grade, room, teaching methods...
   iPhone Apps - lists some of the apps written for iPhones and the iPod Touch
   Other Sites - lists other resources - blogs, advice, pilots, and reference sites for iPad apps

Please email me for your recommendations, experiences and personal notes. Thank you for stopping by and check back often as I add new content.

2/1/2013  Looking at uPad
11/11/2012  New apps recommended by other teachers that I will be looking at:
AutoRap, MouseLike, SlideShark, HikuDeck, WordFoto, KeepCalm, SoundHound, Shazam, Rulla