Welcome to English 11

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                     In this course, you will learn to:
  • Read more effectively
  • Write clearly and logically
  • Prepare for college or life after high school
  • Think! Think! Think
While refining our communication skills, we will  discuss what it means to be an "American" by examining  what various Americans have written or spoken since
people have inhabited this country to modern times.

Mrs. Joanne Ruddy
Parkdale High School

 Literature and Language is a complete program with all of the language arts strands woven together in a meaningful, relevant way.

The high school curriculum provides a comprehensive study of language, literature, and language processes.   In the eleventh grade,

students will continue to reinforce reading and writing skills through the study of American literature beginning with the earliest literature

(Native Americans) and continuing to modern times.  Excerpts from representative authors of each time period    as well as famous documents

and speeches in American history will be read and discussed.

.          In addition to the study of the various literary genres, special emphasis will include vocabulary development, outside reading, various forms 

of writing (narrative, expository, literary, and persuasive), and the conventions of language.  Through readings, class discussions, research,

assignments, projects, and presentations, students will explore the various elements of this course.  These areas of study are reflected

in the State of Maryland’s English Core Learning Goals as stated below:

 Goal 1:  The student will demonstrate the ability to respond to a text by employing personal experiences and critical analysis.

 Goal 2:  The student will demonstrate the ability to compose in a variety of modes by developing content, employing specific 

forms and selecting language appropriate for a particular audience and purpose.

 Goal 3:  The student will demonstrate the ability to control language by applying the conventions of standard English in writing and speaking.

 Goal 4:  The student will demonstrate the ability to evaluate the content organization and language use of text.

 Relevant Texts:

GUM=Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics Book

IAR=The Interactive Reader Plus;

LN=Language Network;

LOL=The Language of Literature