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Rosa L. Parks Media Program Mission:


To ensure that students and staff are effective users of ideas and information. To help students learn, grow and become lifelong learners.




Rosa L. Parks Program Vision:

Our program strives to empower our students to use skills, resources and tools to: inquire; gain critical thinking skills and knowledge; share knowledge in a socially responsible way; build information literacy skills; connect with others; gain an appreciation of the arts and humanities; and pursue personal and aesthetic growth. Our focus is on helping students acquire and apply skills that are necessary to become lifelong learners and productive citizens in our diverse and global 21st Century culture and society through our Media Classes and resources.

Welcome to the Rosa L. Parks Media Program site.  The Media Center is a space where students can learn from the Media Specialist - who runs arts integrated programs for students, helps students access information, teaches information literacy classes, and works with teachers to tie information found in the media center with the school curriculum.  Another purpose of the Media Center is to give students an opportunity to access information and check out books and materials.  The Media Center is an important hub for the school, where students of all levels, teachers, and the broader school community can benefit from connecting with each other, sharing information with each other and learning together.

As the Media Specialist I have many different roles that I play in our school.  Firstly, as a teacher I teach classes that focus on reading, information literacy, independent learning, collaborative learning, arts integrated lessons, and social responsibility.  My second role is as instructional partner, where I work with the school community to identify student needs in terms of information literacy and I collaborate with teachers to develop information and communication abilities within our students.  My third role is as information specialist, where I provide pertinent and helpful resources for students and teachers to help support the curriculum and foster a life-long love of learning.  My fourth role is as program administrator, where I plan, implement, and evaluate the media program and ensure its quality both generally and on a daily basis (Information Power: Building Partnerships for Learning, American Library Association, 1998).


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