The Vocal and General Music Program of instruction provides children with the appropriate resources and opportunities to develop positive attitudes and sensitivities toward music through the development of musical skills and the learning of musical concepts.  
Student instruction is guided by the Maryland State Curriculum, Essential Learner Outcomes and the Common Core State Standards. Assessment in vocal and general music is accomplished through a variety of strategies including performance tasks, written assignments, and adjudication. Reading, writing and math skills are integrated thought the general music curriculum.  Activities include: 
  • Singing, playing instruments improvising and dancing.  
  • Participation in individual and ensemble performances. 
  • Responding to writing prompts.
  • Analyzing and critiquing musical scores and performances.
  • Employing math skills to understand structure and patterns in music.

To transform lives by providing equity and access to rigorous academic opportunities that prepare and empower students to excel and contribute to a better global society.
~Office of Teaching and Learning Vision Statement