Full Immersion 


        - Overlook Elementary School
        - Phyllis E. Williams Elementary School


        - Maya Angelou French Immersion School
        -Dora Kennedy French Immersion School

The Spanish Full Immersion Program will be K-5 beginning with Kindergarten and expanding by one grade every year through grade 5. French Immersion is K-8 with continuity for 9-12 as Partial Immersion at Central High school.
During Kindergarten and first grade, students will not receive English Language Arts classes. They will begin receiving English Language Arts in second grade. The goal for this program is to immerse students in the language using the one-way immersion model of instruction.

The Spanish/French Language will be used as the main language in Mathematics, Science and Social Studies and Reading/Language Arts. Specials/Electives are taught in the language where possible as the program grows.

Dual Language – César Chávez

The dual language program requires enrollment of 50% native speaking students and 50% English speaking students. Instruction is provided as follows:
  • English Language Arts -50% of the time and Spanish Language Arts-50% of the time
  • Math-100% Spanish
  • Science-100% in English 
  • Social Studies-100% English
  • Health-100% in Spanish 
Cultural themes will be woven and mapped through the core content and arts.

Partial Chinese/STEM Paint Branch

The Partial Language with STEM programs are designed to meet the needs of all learners with 40% of instruction in the targeted language. STEM and Math are taught 100% in the Chinese language.

Dual Spanish STEM at Capitol Heights

The Dual Spanish STEM program is designed to teach the content areas of Math and Science through the Spanish language in Kindergarten for 2014-2015.

The Spanish STEM program started with an MSDE grant and is currently in grades K-2.- See more at: http://www1.pgcps.org/worldlanguages/index.aspx?id=198385#sthash.r7P5uvjp.dpuf