General Course Information

Supply List:
Required Material:
 3-ring binder (medium-sized)
 4-5 subject dividers
 Composition book
 Loose leaf paper
 Pens (Blue or Black Ink ONLY)
 Colored pen (for editing ONLY)
 Post-it notes
 USB drive
Suggested Materials:
 Pocket dictionary
 Pocket thesaurus
 Attendance Policy
If absent, student must bring a note from home explicating the reason for the absence and take it to the attendance office, where the student will be issued a coded yellow slip to give to his or her teachers to receive make-up work (for excused absences ONLY). (In no event is the student to submit an excused note to the teacher.) If the absence is unexcused, the student will not receive make-up, thus receiving ZEROS for all missed assignments.
 Tardy Policy
If tardy, student must obtain a yellow slip from the attendance office, a late bus pass, or other signed pass explicating the reason for the tardy. The student will be instructed to sign the tardy log upon arrival.
 Make-up Work Policy
Make-up work is only accepted in the event that the student had an excused absence, that adhered to all county and school procedures. If a student is granted make-up work, he or she will have the amount absent to submit the work. (If a student was absent one day, he or she will have one class period to make up work.) If the work is not returned in the allotted time, the student will receive a ZERO for the missed assignments. Late work will not be accepted under any circumstance.
 Plagiarism Policy
If work is copied from another source, which includes another student, all parties involved will receive a ZERO. In addition, a PS-74 will follow.
 Homework Policy
Homework is due within the first five minutes of the class period. If homework is not placed in the homework bin before being retrieved by the teacher, the student will receive a ZERO for that assignment. Certain assignments can be e-mailed. However, these assignments must be submitted by the deadline of 11:59 pm the day it is due.
 Revision of Work Policy
Students will have the opportunity to revise and resubmit essays (ONLY) for a possible grade change. However, the revision must be completed within a week of receving the original grade.

Class Expectations:

Please Respect Everyone At All Times!
Use language that is appropriate for a school environment, in particular an English class.
Make certain to report to class daily and on time with required materials.
Adhere to all school policies, including uniform and I.D. policies.
Simplify your extras and bring only the materials needed to have a productive, instructional class period (No PDAs or other electronic devices).