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                                   Parkdale High School 's library is an integral component to student achievement.  By providing literature and technology resources together,
the library will continue to offer students and staff members the best opportunity to access information,construct knowledge and
develop critical thinking skills.
We encourage students to appreciate literature and to become responsible digital citizens.
Through collaboration with classroom teachers, the library program ensures staff and students are
effective users of information and technology.




 Mission Statement

To support the Parkdale's and Prince George's County educational goals and objectives.  We will be the information hub of the school where students come to become information literate, learn, read and use information responsibly to achieve academic success.

International Society for Technology in Education

We value students
 who enrich their minds by
reading,  are
strive for academic excellence

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 Library Expectations

 Your public library card number is pgcps and your ID number.  

We support the International Society for Technology in Education, National Educational Technology Standards ( NETS) for students. 

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