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Wanda Robinson - Principal

Staff 2011-2012

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OfficeNamePositionEmail Address
Administrative Leaders Wanda Robinson Principal wanda.robinson@pgcps.org 
Administrative Leaders Yolanda Holmes School Counselor yolanda.holmes@pgcps.org 
Administrative Leaders Steven Roseman Assistant Principal steven.roseman@pgcps.org 
Before/After Care Debra Brown BAC Supervisor  
Before/After Care Deborah Jones GAA  
Before/After Care Longena Cash GAA  
Cafeteria Staff Inger Noble-Cole Food Services Supervisor  
Cafeteria Staff Ms. Boyd Food Services  
Cafeteria Staff Phyllis Johnson Cafeteria Staff  
Classroom Teachers Lakeia Holder 3rd Grade TAG Teacher lakeia.holder@pgcps.org 
Classroom Teachers Janet Clarke 6th Grade TAG Teacher janet.clarke@pgcps.org 
Classroom Teachers Julieta Villanueva 1st Grade Teacher julieta.villanueva@pgcps.org 
Classroom Teachers Michelle Lewis 4th Grade Teacher michelle.lewis@pgcps.org 
Classroom Teachers Denise Price Kindergarten Teacher denise.price@pgcps.org 
Classroom Teachers Tracy Watson 2nd Grade Teacher tracy.watson@pgcps.org 
Classroom Teachers Jacqueline Buie Kindergarten Teacher jacqueline.buie@pgcps.org 
Classroom Teachers Carolyn Phillips Pre-Kindergarten carol.phillips@pgcps.org 
Classroom Teachers Shirley Evbuoma 5th Grade TAG Teacher shirley.evbuoma@pgcps.org 
Classroom Teachers Susan Smith 2nd Grade TAG Teacher susan.smith@pgcps.org 
Classroom Teachers Claire Bonifacio 1st Grade Teacher claire.bonifacio@pgcps.org 
Classroom Teachers Jenna Grace 1st Grade Teacher jenna.grace@pgcps.org 
Classroom Teachers Virginia Eckroade 4th Grade TAG Teacher virginia.eckroade@pgcps.org 
Classroom Teachers Ayana Pernell 3rd Grade Teacher ayana.pernell@pgcps.org 
Classroom Teachers Rozita McCain 5th Grade Teacher rozita.honoram@pgcps.org 
Classroom Teachers Karen Bollers 2nd Grade Teacher karen.bollers@pgcps.org 
Classroom Teachers Alicia Smith 6th Grade Teacher alicia.smith@pgcps.org 
Custodial Staff Don Matthew Night Cleaner  
Custodial Staff Lamont Deville Building Supervisor  
Custodial Staff Steven Wells Custodial Engineer  
Instructional Specialist Jennifer Bell Reading Specialist jennifer.bell@pgcps.org 
Instructional Specialist Sarah Speargas ESOL  
Instructional Specialist Benjamin Kepler Instrumental Music  
Instructional Specialist Jennifer Hummel Media Specialist  
Instructional Specialist Joseph Joy  Music Instructor joseph2.joy@pgcps.org 
Instructional Specialist Sylvia Sampleton Special Education sylvia.sampleton@pgcps.org 
Instructional Specialist Anna Jones Speech and Language Specialist  
Instructional Specialist Matthew Smith PE Instructor matthew2.smith@pgcps.org 
Instructional Specialist Beth Green TAG Coordinator beth.green@pgcps.org 
Instructional Specialist Carmello Libassi Foreign Language Teacher carmello.libassi@pgcps.org 
Instructional Specialist Sandra Perryman Art Teacher sandra.perryman@pgcps.org 
Instructional Specialist Merrily Brome School Psychologist  
Instructional Specialist Debra Leonard Klein Special Education debra.leonardklein@pgcps.org 
Office Staff Linda Johnson Secretary johnsonl@pgcps.org 
Office Staff Doreen Wall Registrar doreen.wall@pgcps.org 
Para-Professionals Christine Alexander Pre-K Para chris.alexander@pgcps.org 
Para-Professionals Emily Brown Sp.Ed. Para emily.brown@pgcps.org 
Support Staff Nina Hughes Parent Liason nina.hughes@pgcps.org 
Support Staff Edith Rowe PPW edith.rowe@pgcps.org 
Showing 48 items