About Me




I am Ms. Crumpler and it is with joy and enthusiasm that I serve as Principal of Kenmoor Elementary School.  I am honored and privileged to be a part of this learning community.   I am a native Prince Georgian and a graduate of "Kenmoor Elementary"! I am thrilled to return to this community and overjoyed to serve the students of KES.  Together we will take Kenmoor to the next level, from good to great!  

It is important for you to understand that I am fully dedicated to the notion that the students come first.  Each and every decision that is made in this school will be measured against this commitment.  In addition, it is our mission to afford your children an instructional program that is of high quality, rigorous and challenging, yet rewarding. 

We will also use every means at our disposal to help our students reach their fullest potential.  Together, we will build upon the success that the school has already worked so hard to achieve.  We will celebrate those successes and seek new opportunities for growth.  However, without the help of parents, this would not be possible.  Therefore, I invite all parents, guardians, and friends to help us in our quest.  Come into our school, visit classes, volunteer your time and talents, and partner with your child’s teacher.    

Come get aboard the Kenmoor Train of Excellence! The train and it’s theme metaphorically illustrates the school’s vision of preparing our students through student centered instructional practices so that they become future focused,  21st Century and college prepared young people.   

 I look forward to working together with you in order to help all of our students achieve excellence