Home Page for Fort Foote 5th Graders!

Please sign your child's agenda book every night in order to have their monthly calendar completed by the teacher.
Greetings Parents and Guardians,
    We would like to welcome you and your child to fifth grade at Fort Foote Elementary School. We will be learning a lot and look forward to working with you for a successful year. This is a time of growth, independence, and increased responsibility. During this school year students will be focusing on mastery of math, science, and literacy skills. Our goal is to facilitate every student's learning process in order for each student to be happy, responsible, and independent thinkers. We believe together we can guide our students to success through continued partnership and communication. Here are some highlights of your child's daily schedules and routines. Please review this items on this page and the individual teacher pages. Thank you for your support.

Fifth Grade students will be given letter grades.
A - Excellent Progress (90% - 100%)
B - Above average progress (80% - 89%)
C - Average progress (70% - 79%)
D - Below average progress (60% - 69%)
E - Unsatisfactory progress/Failure (below 60%) 
Per PGCPS requirements:
Assessments  - 50% of total grade
Classwork - 35% of total grade
Homework - 15% of total grade
Please check SchoolMAX Family Portal regularly to keep informed of your child's progress. It is updated weekly.
 SchoolMAX Family Portal

Lunch Account
Please make sure your child's lunch account is up to date. You or your child can put money on the account at any time or pay online at: http://www1.pgcps.org/foodandnutrition/

Students will follow the Prince George's Right and Responsibilities. Students will also follow the School Wide Discipline Policy. 
Green = Exceptional Day
Blue = Verbal warning.
Yellow = 2nd warning. 5 minute "Think Time" in classroom.
Orange = Final warning. Parent phone call. 
Red = Parent Phone Call, Conference scheduled. 

Color Change Reasons Code
1 - Classroom disruption
2 - Talking in the hallway
3 - Disrespect to adult
4 - Disrespect to peer
5 - Inappropriate language/gesture written/used
6 - Hitting/Kicking another student
7 - Throwing objects
8 - Destruction of property
9 - Not following rules in the bathroom
10 - Not following directions 
11 - Not following class procedures 
12 - Not in Dress Code

Color and reason will be documented in the student's agenda book everyday.

Homework Policy

Homework is assigned Monday - Friday. All homework is DUE THE NEXT DAY. No late assignments will be accepted. Students are allowed one day for every day absent to make up any missed classwork and homework. All papers must have the student's name and date on it. Any papers that do not will not receive credit. Homework assigned on Friday will be due the following Monday. Missing homework will be documented in the student's agenda book.

Students must be on time daily. The school doors open at 9:00 am.

Breakfast is served until 9:15 am.

Instruction promptly begins at 9:15 am with handwriting. Students should be in their seats and ready to start the instructional day at that time. Please ensure that the students are on time and prepared. 

Dress Code
Boys - Solid white Polo or Solid white dress Shirt. Solid blue cardigan. Navy blue uniform pants. Solid black or white shoes. Solid white, navy blue, or black socks. Solid black belt.
Girls - Solid white polo or solid white peter pan collar blouse. Solid blue cardigan. Navy blue pants or plaid jumper. Solid black or white shoes. Solid white, navy blue, or black socks. Earrings must be dime sized or smaller.

     Supply List
  • 8 Marble Composition notebooks
  • 8 plastic 2 pocket folders
  • 1 covered pencil sharpener
  • 1 package yellow #2 pencils (NO MECHANICAL PENCILS)
  • 4 pack of Post-It-Notes®
  • 1 Bottle Elmer's Glue®
  • 2 Glue sticks
  • 3 Fluorescent highlighters
  • 1 Pack of 12 pre-sharpened colored pencils
  • 1 pack of washable fine line markers
  • 1 pair blunt scissors
  • 1 pack 24 crayons
  • 1 zippered pencil pouch
  • 4 X-Large cloth book covers
  • 1 3" ring binder
  • 1 package of 200 count wide ruled loose leaf paper
  • 1 pair of headphones (to be kept at school, no ear buds)
The Classroom Economy
Come to school on time - $1.00 a day
Being on Green - $2.00/day or $20.00/week
Bring ALL your homework for the day - $1.00/day or $15.00/week
"Caught Being Good" - Varies
Caught with a clean desk - $5.00
Helping a classmate without being asked - $2.50
Be a Hero to someone not in the class $20.00
Sit at the VIP table $10.00
Bathroom during class - $0.50
Being on Yellow - $1.55
Being on Orange- $5.15
Being on Red - $9.65
Negative comment from an adult - $2.45   
3 missing homework assignments in 1 week - $15.00  
Damaging or misusing materials - $20.00
Caught with a messy desk - $5.15
Addition errors on Time Card - $1.50
Name and/or date not on paper - $5.85    
Material Rental Fees
Pencils - $11.05
Glue - $22.25
Scissors - $17.35
Eraser - $15.75
Pencil Sharpener - $13.50
Crayons - $42.55
Desk - (Due the first of the month) - $20.00
Insufficient funds to pay fines or rental fees, improperly completed time card, or time card turned in late will result in not visiting the Mercantile on Friday.
Ticket Values
Salmon - $0.05        Green - $5.00
Red - $0.10              Blue - $10.00
Orange - $0.25        Fuschia  - $15.00
Yellow - $1.00        White - $20.00

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