English 12 Assignments

All English writing assignments are to be typed (12 pt New Times Roman and double-spaced)
 Search 3 colleges - choose 1 of the colleges you would like to attend and explain why 
Type Gilgamesh Paper due Tuesday, September 10, 2013
Answer the following questions:  (due Wednesday) What kinds of literature probably existed in early societies?  What purposes would these kinds of literature serve?  What similar literary forms exist in our own culture? (pgs. 30-31)
10/3:  Study for test on Gilgamesh; skim the epic "Beowulf"; get intervention sheet signed by parent
Puma Quiz 6 Monday 10/7 (talisman, kindle, noxious, enfranchise, abase)
Puma 7 Quiz 10/11 (bigot, hamper, placid, counterfeit, remuneration)
Puma Quiz 8 10/22 (knotty, covert, nuance, tangent)
Puma Quiz 9 10/29 (abrasive, plagiarize, engender, renown, absolution)
Puma Quiz 10 11/1 (reprieve, tawdry, plausible, arbitrary)
Puma Quiz 11 11/8 (primeval, coagulate, winsome, zephyr, arboreal)
Puma Quiz 12 11/15 (ostracism, commendation, ignominious, pungent)
Puma Quiz 13 11/22 (knell, myriad, atypical, deft, effulgent)
Homework:  Read pgs. 195-222 – Complete packet to include Thinking Through the Literature pgs. 200, 212, 223)
12/4:  Homework:  Go online and find a poem and annotate it using the techniques used in class
Puma Quiz 14 12/6:  (efficacious, inimical, licentious, multifarious, noxious)