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Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK)

Mr. Wallace's Philosophy

Children should be able to receive an education to meet their individual needs.  Education should provide the opportunity for children to grow mentally as well as physically, morally, and socially.  Children should be provided with an outlet for rational and creative thinking. The teacher’s mission is to create a hands-on/minds-on atmosphere.  This type of atmosphere will help children develop the ability to read, write, and communicate effectively.

Students learn when they are motivated to explore things they have never experienced.  They must be exposed to new things and encouraged to want to know more.  When they open their minds to these new things and begin to think in new ways, I know that I have reached them.  My students learn by playing, working in groups, experimenting, in other words, by doing, not by listening. The most important goal in my classroom is for my students to take charge of their learning, not wait to be fed information.

This year, the focus of our class is more on Technology Integration. This means the use of computers, mobile devices, internet in all areas of the curriculum. My goal is for everyone to use technology as a tool for learning. Technology use will not be use in isolation but should be seamless and second nature when you are in the classroom. You will design, plan, choose the tools, create your own project following certain guidelines and share with everyone.

Use this website as a resource to all our activities. You will continue to use iPads in the classroom and be in the Computer lab sometimes to do projects and other learning activities. Look forward to learning in the 21st century.

Your teacher,

Mr. Wallace

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