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Dear Parents/Guardians,


10001 Ardwick-Ardmore Road. Springdale, MD 20774. Tel: 301-636-8000. Ext. 302. Fall 2013

Dear Parents/Guardians,

I wish to take this opportunity to introduce you to the 2013-2014 School-Year in Prince George’s County Public Schools at Charles Herbert Flowers High School and especially to this 10th grade Local, State & National –LSN Government Course and AP US Government and Politics in the Social Studies Department. As you may be aware, LSN Gov is a mandatory high school course in the State of Maryland; every student is required to pass this course in order to graduate from high school. LSN Gov is also an HSA course. It is my pleasure to be part of your child’s academic and educational development especially at these crucial stages in your child’s education.  As a teacher, I am going to continuously solicit your cooperation all year long in order to achieve the high goals we collectively set for our students because parents are the most important people in the life of a student. This is the beginning of this year long appeal for cooperation. I will provide a safe and conducive learning atmosphere through a well managed classroom environment.

Throughout my years of teaching I have come to realize that a well managed classroom is the main ingredient to student academic engagement and achievement. This observation has been confirmed through exhaustive research findings. Classroom management like charity begins at home! In other words, a child will tend to transfer his/her state of mind to the classroom, therefore my greatest appeal  to  you as a parent or guardian is to be open and share in your child’s education. Remember, and as echoed by Secretary Hillary Clinton, ‘it takes a village to raise a child’!

Parents, Students and Teachers have a collective responsibility in the academic performance and schooling outcomes of each student. Ex-Principal Noble-Jones says teachers may account for 40% of a child’s academic performance. Personally and given the exigencies of our times, I believe teachers grudgingly account for 33% of student performance while the parent and student account for the remaining 67 percent. This is my ‘ABC Wheel of Academic Achievement’ theory; I shall share this personal philosophy with you on ‘Back to School Night’ scheduled for 8/29/2013 and all year round.

My classroom is part of a larger society and at a time when public education is struggling with other sectors of the economy for scarce resources in our nation, we all have a stake in our children’s education through public institutions like CH Flowers High School set up to educate them. In light of this, I am recommending a ‘class book of the year’; a national bestseller written by Professor Robert Reich, Labor Secretary in the Bill Clinton administration. The title of the book is: Aftershock; The Next Economy & America’s Future. For parents, I strongly recommend you read this 150-page book. The book explains the challenges facing America’s future!

We are proud of our sterling contributions at CH Flowers HS. We want to uphold these standards and do better this year and I am counting on your support.

On a personal note, I am a product of Resident Teacher Program in the PGCPS System which makes me a highly qualified teacher in my content area and I hold the State of Maryland Advanced Professional Certification for teachers. I hold a first degree in Political Science, with a minor in Economics. I also hold a Masters degree in Communications. I am currently pursuing a doctoral degree in Education in the School of Education at Howard University, Washington DC. In line with the above developments, I have handed out an Information Sheet to each student that outlines the course contents, classroom expectations, rules and procedures for your attention. Please sign the space provided as an acknowledgement of a copy of the class rules, course outline and expectations. I promise to hold my students to a high standard as well as hold myself to a high professional and ethical standard.  Please sign and print your name in the space provided below. Also include your phone number(s) and email address. Answer the relevant questions and return to me through your child. This is my first homework assignment and would be graded accordingly; it is 100 points of Homework grade in School Max.

My mission is to raise the comprehension levels of my students because higher comprehension levels breed improved composition skills, writing standards and better computation aptitudes. Therefore I would expect my students to be cognizant of their socio-political and economic environments by reading relevant media materials and watching political talk shows in addition to following local, state, national and international news. There shall be weekly assessments to determine the comprehension levels of the course materials. Presentation of current events by students would be part of an assessment grade.  

 To better prepare my student for these assessments, there will be a weekly journal (not textbook) tests/inspections that will count towards overall class performance.

Please share these few regulations with your child (ren): The use of electronic devices in the classroom is prohibited in accordance with the PGCPS regulations. No food, candies, soda or juices are allowed in class. Water in transparent plastic containers may be allowed in class.

You can reach me on the school’s telephone number 301 636-8000. Ext. 302.  However, I will prefer contact through email. My email address is jonnie.isebor@pgcps.org. My LSN Gov class has a website: http://sites.google.com/a/pgcps.org/mr-isebor-s-lsn-government-class/ The entire content syllabus for LSN Gov is on https://msde.blackboard.com/webapps/portal/frameset.jsp?tab_tab_group_id=_2_1&url=%2Fwebapps%2Fblackboard%2Fexecute%2Flauncher%3Ftype%3DCourse%26id%3D_1049_1%26url%3D. Please copy and paste on to your browser. Maryland State Department of Education-MSDE is working on a shorter URL AP US Government and Politics  students are strongly encouraged to use the msde website as a foundational tool for comprehending complex US Government concepts and terminologies.

Once again I say welcome to Mr. Isebor’s class and please be advised that parents/guardians are encouraged to visit my classroom.


Sincerely Yours’ in the education of your child,


Mr. Isebor

PARENT/GUARDIAN’S SIGNATURE_____________________________________ DATE

PRINT NAME_______________________________    Student: __________________________

TELEPHONE #s _______________________________ Email: _____________________________

Please assist your child in completing the following questions:

1.      Who is your council member?

2.      Who is your State Delegate?

3.      Who is your Congress Man/Woman?

4.      Who is your County Executive?

5.      Who are your 2 Senators in the US Congress?

6.      Who is the Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court?

7.      List 4 justices of the Supreme Court: (3 must be female justices)


Charles Herbert Flowers High School

Local, State, and National Government

10th Grade LSN Government/AP US Government & Politics

in the Social Studies Syllabus

Mr. Isebor Room 123 


The Social Studies Department: Mission Statement

The Social Studies Mission for Charles Herbert Flowers High School is to focus on the content strands of history such as, political systems, peoples of the nation and world, geography, economics, and many more.  Skills for success emphasize life long learning, higher order thinking, communication, use of technology and interpersonal relationships.  Our Department is dedicated to creating future members of society, where we focus on instilling core knowledge consistent with each student’s grade level.  It is with hope that our students gain this knowledge to access the significance of history of diverse groups, and explore the lives of famous and not-so-famous individuals who affected the course of events in notable ways.  Students with this understanding of social studies will gain skills for navigating through information and find their place in the world.


Course Description and Purpose

Students are preparing to be knowledgeable in Government.  In preparing students in Government, social studies classrooms teach students how to do the following:

Organize, synthesize, interpret, explain and evaluate complex information, such as concepts, problems, cartoons or current issues.

Social studies classrooms incorporate the Core Learning Goals and assessment limits into daily lesson plans and are aligned with the State Curriculum prepared by the Maryland State Department of Education.


Topics of Study


Unit I: Political and Economic Structures


Unit II: Foundations and Principles of Government and the Constitution


Unit III: Participation in Government


Unit IV: The Legislative Branch


Unit V: The Executive Branch


Unit VI: The Judicial Branch


Unit VII: Domestic and Foreign Policy






United States Government, Democracy in Action published by Glencoe McGraw-Hill.  If for any reason the textbook is lost or damaged, students will have to pay the replacement cost ($ 67.00) to the school accountant.  Once that fee is paid in full the student will receive a replacement textbook.


Required Materials

  • Flash Drive (512 mb or higher)
  • Textbook
  • Binder with loose leaf paper and dividers, extra paper
  • Folder
  • Pens, pencils
  • Red or green pens
  • Additional materials may be required for specific projects; students will be notified in advance.


Required Classroom Procedures

*There are no exceptions to the procedures

  • Come to class on time: Students who arrive late without a valid excused pass will not be permitted to complete the warm up and will receive an unexcused tardy.  Three unexcused tardies will result in 1 unexcused absence (PGCPS policy) 5 unexcused absences will merit a PS-74.  Chronic lateness will result in a phone call home and a reduction in your class work grade.
  • Cutting: Cutting class is not allowed and will not be tolerated.  Anyone cutting class should expect a phone call home and a lowering of their grade.  I will follow the school’s cutting policy to the letter and cut card will be issued.  No excuses!
  • Come to class prepared: Be ready to learn.  Remember this is your future we are preparing you for.  Bring all required materials (textbook, notebook, pencils, and highlighters) everyday.  If additional materials are required for specific projects, students will be notified in advance.
  • Turn in all assignments on time: Late assignments will not be accepted.  Students who have excused absences, have been suspended or expelled will have three days following their return to complete all missed assignments.  Students who have extended excused absences should contact their guidance counselor and teacher for make-up work as soon as they realize they will be missing a substantial amount of school work (For example, extended illness, funerals, etc.)
  • Obey the Student Code of Conduct: Adhere to all rules in the Student Code of Conduct.  Respect yourself and others.
  • No Food, Drinks, or Chewy candy; is permitted in the classroom.  If students are caught with food, drinks, or candy, it will be thrown in the trash. (The exception is water bottles).  No chewing gum!







Grading Policy

  • Projects, Tests, Quizzes, and Final:   50%
  • Class work:   25%
  • Homework:   25%


Grading Standards and Scale










Above Average






Below Average





Grading Factors:

  • Competence as determined by test, examinations, and teacher evaluations, as well as achieving performance objectives.
  • Completion of class work, homework, and other assignments as determined by quality, regularity, and punctuality of work products.
  • Participation in day to day activities of the class
  • Adherence to good work habits in the classroom
  • Attendance



All plagiarized work will receive an E.


Contact Information

Mr. Isebor

Telephone number (301)636-8000 x302: Room 123

E-mail: jonnie.isebor.pgcps.org



  • Contact Guidance to schedule an appointment


  • Contact Guidance Counselor at (301)636-8000






Parent(s)/ Guardians please sign and date this paper (copy this page only) and return to me –Mr. Isebor, to indicate that you have read the class syllabus and that your student and you have no problems adhering to the policies and procedures that are listed. 




I am looking forward to meeting you at Back to School Night (TBA).  It will begin at 6.30pm.  Thank you in advance for your parental involvement.



Student Name______________________________________________________________


Parent(s) / Guardian Signature________________________________________________







Home Telephone No._________________________________________________________


Cell_________________________________Work No._____________________________



Welcome to Mr. Isebor's LSN Government class for the 2011-2012 school year.
You will find course syllabus for LSN Gov and a letter to parents. 
This is Mr. Isebor's LSN Government class website.
This is the primary website for this course 
In the event of unforseen or other circumstances preventing a student from coming to class, use this site to update your class assignments.
1. Go to pgcps.org and click on Winter Package for 10th Grade LSN Government
2.Complete the package and turn it in. You are expected to also complete the BCR.

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