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Listed in sequence taught (generally in order of difficulty)

Starter Programs

These are basic first programs to start with (using 'Ask', 'Answer', and 'If' statements) - they learn to handle more complex decision making, the students get used to the IDE, the edit-run-debug cycle, and introduced to Object Oriented programming (objects, properties, methods/handlers, messages, etc)
Photo Game and Description
James Awesome Button - (easy) 

This is an example of one of their first programs using 'Ask', 'Answer' and 'If' statements. This is nicely done and humorous. 
Download: Mac Windows LiveCode

Event Programming

These are learning to write message handlers to respond to events (like 'mouseUp' and 'mouseDown'), more object oriented concepts
Photo Game and Description
Colors - (easy) 

Random colors pop-up and you have to click the same ones (until it changes again). See how high of a score you can get 
Download: Mac Windows -

Interactive Storybooks

These are animated, interactive, multi-card pgms (using 'Ask','Answer','Move' and other commands). Students learn more commands. 
Photo Game and Description
Drake Date Night - (easy to med) by Nicole

How would your date with Drake turn out? This was done by a 13 year old. She did a good job with the graphics and the flow of the program. Make sure that you see Drake dance and in the hospital. 
Download: Mac Windows LiveCode

Matching/Educational Games

These are 'drag and drop' type games. (using 'Grab' and 'Intersect' commands). They learn to program object interactions, do multitasking (threads) and polishing their finished products.
Photo Game and Description
Happy Farms - (easy) 

A matching game for little children. The graphics are really good both in the barnyard and in the barn 
Download: Mac Windows LiveCode
Yummy in my Tummy! - (easy) 

A 13 year girl made this. The goal is to drag the correct foods into their tummy. It covers fruits, meats, vegetables and deserts. Cute 
Download: Mac Windows LiveCode
Basic Math - (easy) 

This presents math addition problems where you are to drag the correct answer up into it. 
Download: Mac Windows LiveCode
Matching - (easy) 

This was created by a 9th grader. It is a series of levels (cards) where you drag and drop the object to it's match on that page. The code for this is very simple and this game illustrates drag and drop very nicely. 
Download: Mac Windows LiveCode
Math Star - (med) 

This was written by a ninth grader. It has 8 levels which start out easy then go to complex equations. 
Download: Mac Windows LiveCode
RandomMatching - (easy) 

You drag and drop the pieces that match and a message appears 
Download: Mac Windows LiveCode
Witch's Brew - (easy) by Venetia 

Can you make the witches brew? A simple drag and drop game for young children. Nice music 
Download: Mac Windows -
LoneWolf - (easy to hard) 

This is game to pick which picture does not belong. It has 10 levels and if wrong, it re-shuffles the pictures. 
Download: Mac Windows LiveCode
Not Belong - (easy to hard) 

Figure out which ones do not belong. This has many levels of difficulty. 
Download: Mac Windows LiveCode
My Game - (easy to hard) 

This has 4 different games - matching colors, separating vowels/consonants, Dragon maze and Hypnotizing Thief (action game). 
Download: Mac Windows LiveCode
Shapes and More - (easy to med) 

This game has matching colors, selecting shapes, animals and more. This young lady figured out all on her own how to create drop-down boxes and use them. 
Download: Mac Windows LiveCode

Basic Moving Games

You use arrow keys to move a player and avoid obstacles or collect objects. They learn different ways of moving objects and coordinating movement and object interactions.


Photo Game and Description
My Maze - (easy) 

This is a well-designed maze. This young lady added some nice effects - If you touch the wall, the player moves slowly back to the start. She also has a "Hint" button which shows you the way to the finish line. 
Download: Mac Windows LiveCode
Simple Maze - (easy) 

This is a simple maze but takes patience to not touch the walls or you go back to the start. 
Download: Mac Windows LiveCode
Maze Project - (med) 

This was created by a 9th grade girl. It is a difficult maze but the code is simple and easy to understand. You use the arrow keys to move through the maze. Try it. It takes patience. 
Download: Mac Windows LiveCode
CRaze Maze - (easy) 

This is a different type of maze. You have to drop your letter into the mailbox. 
Download: Mac Windows LiveCode
Math Maze - (easy to med) 

Solve the math problem and make your way to the correct answer. 
Download: Mac Windows -
Amazing Maze - (easy to med) 

This is a simple maze where you collect the diamonds, then make it to the star to go to the next level. It was created by a 13 year old. 
Download: Mac Windows LiveCode
Link Dog Maze - (easy to med) 

This was done by a 13 year old boy. It is a maze where you have to collect stars. If you touch the walls, you start over from the beginning. Each level gets harder. 
Download: Mac Windows LiveCode
Koala Rampage - (med to hard) by Andrew 

This is a complex maze with coins and bombs. If you touch the wall, it is over. You also have a Timer, so don't try to collect too many coins without keeping an eye on how much time you have left. Each level gets harder. 
Download: Mac Windows LiveCode


Submarine - (med) by John 

This was written by a 10th grader. The object is to move the submarine through the minefield using the arrow keys. You avoid the black mines but collect the red ones. You have to collect all the red mines to even see the finish line. Since there are so many black mines (98), he "groups" them so there is only 1 "intersect" statement for all of them. 
Download: Mac Windows LiveCode
Bombs - (easy to hard) 

Figure out the path to the finish, avoiding the bombs. It starts out simple, then a few bombs jump around. Finally they are constantly moving. 
Download: Mac Windows LiveCode


Photo Game and Description
Berker the Bug-killer (easy to med) 

Berker the Bug-killer is a tricky game. You have to kill the bugs but they move in the opposite direction that you move. The girl that did this is very creative." 
Download: Mac Windows LiveCode

Live Action Games

These games use a 'game loop' to handle constant motion and actions. You can lose by doing nothing. They have to have background movement and work with game loops/threads.
Photo Game and Description
Launch - (med) 

This game requires you to move the rocket to avoid enemy jets and asteroids. Earn the highest score that you can. 
Download: Mac Windows LiveCode
Save The Bird - (easy to hard) 

This was written by a young lady in the ninth grade. You use the arrow keys to fly the bird to the Finish avoiding the falling apples. If you get hit by one, you get sent bact to the start. You get extra points for eating any cherries along the way. This game has a game loop, 3 levels and moving terrain. 
Download: Mac Windows LiveCode
Rocket - (med to hard) by Emily 

The object is to fly the rocket through space without hitting any debris. You use the arrow keys to move the bird to the finish. Avoid the falling apples but eat the cherries. This game has a game loop, 3 levels and moving terrain. 
Download: Mac Windows -
Pigs Will Fly - (med to hard) 

This is a different game. What happens when all the pigs on the farm catch a virus that makes them inflate with helium? You pull out your harpoon gun (the 'Up Arrow Key') and shoot them down. 
Download: Mac Windows LiveCode
Ghosts - (hard) also scarey 

Can you make it to the other side of the graveyard avoiding the ghosts, scorpions and pirhanas while collecting the stars? Good sound effects. This game has 3 levels and is difficult. 
Download: Mac Windows -
Chris Brown Game - (hard) 

Help Chris Brown get to his Limo through the paparazzi. This game has 3 levels and is difficult. 
Download: Mac Windows -
Ninja Scout - (hard) by Dale 

This is an advanced game with multiple levels, PowerUps, enemies that multiply and speed up as you play. Use the arrow keys to move. It also keeps score and is very difficult to win 
Download: Mac Windows LiveCode
Falling Bots - (hard) by Carmen 

This is a difficult game where you have to use the arrow keys to outrun the Falling Bots and get to the Gold Star. 
Download: Mac Windows LiveCode
Top Pilot - (hard) by Rinor

The object of this game is to keep the plane in the air without hitting an asteroid. Gravity is constantly pulling you down so you need to press the mouse button to keep it up. 
Download: Mac Windows -
Hunter - (hard) 

This young man and his friends figured out how to make the players shoot bullets/arrows. So not only do you have to avoid the enemies, you have to stop them. Also, this is a 2-player game. 
Download: Mac Windows LiveCode
The Tardis - (hard) 

In this game, you have to collect energy pills for fuel but avoid the Daleks (Dr. Who). This student figured out on his own how to create and delete enemies on the fly. Very advanced. 
Download: Mac Windows LiveCode

Misc. Programs

These are samples of traditional programs/utilities that the students write. They learn to create programs that are actually useful. They also have to think through more complex situations, and the logic that goes with many of the programs they have used in the past.
Photo Game and Description

This is a calculator that was programmed by a 17 year old that went far beyond what was expected. It has an off/on switch, a paper tape, and other advanced functions. 
Download: Mac Windows LiveCode
My Sites 

The student wrote this to keep track of the sites he most often visits. 
Download: Mac Windows -
Maze2P - (easy to hard) 2-Player maze

This is a 2-player maze. Player 1 uses the A,S,D,W keys to move and player 2 uses the arrow keys. Whoever gets to the fruit first, wins. If you touch the wall, you go all the way back to the beginning. Try to beat your partner in this game. 
Download: Mac Windows LiveCode
Soccer2P - (easy) 2-Player Game

This is a 2-player Soccer game. Player 1 uses the A,S,D,W keys to move and player 2 uses the arrow keys. The object is to run with the ball or kick it into the net. Nicely done. 
Download: Mac Windows LiveCode
TicTacToe - (easy) multi-player/multi-computer game (client/server)

This is a multiplayer game for players on their own computers. There is a server piece that handles the communication, graphics and logic. Three students worked on this. This is a difficult project and involves ports/socket programming. They had issues with keeping track of whose turn it was, handling the X/O graphics on both computers remotely, implementing timers, and more. They ran out of time but much of the code is in place. They used their own IP addresses so if you run this, you need to edit the LiveCode and change it to your address. 
Download: LiveCode - Server LiveCode - Players -

Editor/Word Processor Program

These are more elaborate examples of final projects the students have taken on to do on their own.

This is the start of a Word Processor written in LiveCode by a 10th grader. She figured out all of this by herself. She had more done but lost the original code due to network problems (server). This was her first computer class and has done many other creative and ambitious programs in class. 

Download: Mac Windows LiveCode

Instructions - for desktops, laptops. phones and tablets

    You are welcome to download these apps and use them on your computers and phones. 
             - PCs (Windows), Mac (OS/X),  Linux computers as well as Android, iPhones and iPads  

Learning Apps: These apps are first attempts, not yet polished apps. They could still have issues on some platforms/versions but enjoy and use them anyway.

    - PC's - just download the Windows version and run. No installation needed
    - Mac/Linux - download the Mac version and unpack/unzip (just double click on it and it should unpack)

Mobile Platforms:
    - Android - download the Android version and follow these directions - Installing the App on Your Phone
    - iPhone - download the iOS version (simple directions coming soon, Apple just made changes Feb 1st.)
             (It will become easier for the mobile versions once they are up in the Apple and Google Play stores.)

These are some of the programs that were produced by 9-12th grade students (ages 13 to 17). The goal is not necessarily a finished, polished product but to learn and practice programming. As you can see, their programs are creative, diverse and challenging. Many of the game effects they figured out themselves. Some of the games are still works in progress but you can see how far they have come. I will continue to add more games to this site...

For best results, install the latest Community version of LiveCode and download the LiveCode versions of the games. That way, you can run the game, then look at the code to see how it was done.