English 10 Language of Literature

You have just stepped through the front door of our Virtual Classroom away from room A306.  Here you will find important information about weekly classwork and homework assignments.  If you are ever absent from school, you can find out what you have missed right here, and you can get all of your handouts that you've misplaced or never received under the Forms and Docs on the left.  We will have a semi-paperless class this year, meaning that you will get many of your assignments online in order to complete at home before sending them back to me via email and/or Google Docs!
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Bring in tissue boxes, hand sanitzer, copy paper, loose leaf paper, pencils, pens, dry erase markers, poster paper, markers, post it notes, 3 ring hole puncher, Crayola markers, crayons, or pencils, or sentence strips for the class. Every item bought can earn you points!!
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Image DetailPuma words of the week:

18        gargantuan (gar·gan·tuan) adj. - giant, tremendous

Cleaning a teenager’s room can often be a gargantuan task.


19        heinous (hei·nous) adj. - shocking, wicked, terrible

Nobody could believe the heinous crime the baby-sitter had committed.

20        glower (glow·er) v. - to glare, stare angrily and intensely

The cranky waitress glowered at the indecisive customer. 

21        exhume (ex·hume) v.  - to remove from a grave; uncover a secret

The murder victim’s corpse was exhumed, but no new evidence was discovered and it was reburied the following day.

22        fracas (fra·cas) n. - noisy dispute

When the bandits discovered that the gambler was cheating them at cards, a violent fracas ensued.

25        gregarious (gre·gar·i·ous) adj. - outgoing, sociable

Timmesha was so gregarious that when she found herself alone she felt quite sad.

26        hyperbole (hy·per·bo·le) n.  - purposeful exaggeration for effect

When the mayor claimed his town was one of the Seven Wonders of the World, outsiders classified his statement as hyperbole.

27        expurgate (ex·pur·gate) v. - to censor

Government propagandists expurgated all negative references to the dictator from the film.


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