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This page can be used to share links to useful websites.  Since it is a list page, viewers can sort the links by each of the column headers.

To add a link :
  1. Click on the on the New Item button below
  2. Enter your link details (URL, site name, subject, description, and whether a login is required) in the body area below.
  3. Click Save

To remove or edit a link :
  1. Hover over the row you want to edit/delete.  Select the row when the yellow shading appears (be careful not to have your mouse over the actual link to a website)
  2. Make your edits or select "delete this item"
To remove this box:
  1. Select Edit Page (upper right)
  2. Click on the placeholder for this gadget
  3. Select Remove
  4. Click on Save (upper right)

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Glogster Multiple Create interactive posters  
Study Island  Reading Games Math Excellent website to help students with mathematical understanding.  
Avatar that students can use for presentations. Multiple Math Mathematical Website Multiple Great reading and mathematics resource. Math On-line dictionary Math Multiple Reading Literature Textbook Website  
Showing 10 items