Talented & Gifted

Glenarden Woods Talented and Gifted (TAG Program is designed to meet the needs of TAG identified students by providing an advanced, enriched, and academically rigorous  program, and to address the educational needs of gifted students in a  supportive nurturing environment.
TAG Program Objectives:                                                                                                                   
 To meet the needs of high ability learners by providing:
  • An environment that will effectively nurture gifted learners on an ongoing basis 
  • A rigorous, challenging curriculum designed to provide differentiated  instruction, focusing on the use of  instructional strategies appropriate to their learning styles
  • Independent study opportunities
  • Opportunities for students to progress on an individual basis acquiring competencies in the following areas: 
    • Higher Level Thinking Skills
    • Communication Skills
    • Study Skills 
  • Many creative problem solving activities provided to extend learning in all classes
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