Word of the Day



19       plethora (n) - an overabundance, excessive amount

A plethora of self-help books are published each year.

20        obfuscate (v) - to confuse, bewilder, or stupefy

Your interpretations are supposed to clarify and improve understanding, not obfuscate issues and confuse the audience.

21        enshroud (v) - to cover with something dark or sad

Gray clouds enshrouded the city. 

22        repudiate (v) - to say something is untrue, to denounce

 The witness repudiated his earlier testimony and told the truth.

23        tedium (n) – boredom, monotony

The tedium of Pamela’s job led to her decision to quit.

SAT Fact of the Week-

Every part of the SAT is designed in terms of level of difficulty to go from Easy to Hard, EXCEPT the Passage-Based Reading questions. 

26        abstain (v) - not to allow one to do something, to refrain from

Marcus abstains from eating meat after watching Super Size Me.

27        lachrymose (adj) – suggestive of or tending to cause tears; mournful

Often reserved, even stony, the mayor is not given to lachrymose displays of feeling.

28        haughty (adj) - proud in a snobbish way, arrogant

That rich, haughty woman thinks she is better than everyone else is.

29        blight (n) - a bad condition

 Houses in many cities suffer from urban blight.

30        credulous (adj) - believing too quickly or easily in something; naïve

 Sheila was credulous when she listened to the salesperson and bought the car for too much money.

Bridget Gillis-Cruise,
Aug 21, 2013, 8:55 PM